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  1. Hello i was a former acne suffer because i went on accutane in 07 then got on steriods for a medical condition and now i am back on tane along with a whole lot of acne. Does anyone know what to do for the itching its itchying like crazy andi just want to scratch my skin off lol thanks for yalls help!
  2. Hey im Richard and was giving accutane back in June 2007.I was on a 6th month dose and it cleared me up really good to the point were it looked like i had no more acne or redmarks.I was happy and comfident and overall just excited to not have to worry about my face as much as i had to.Anyway this summer i got dignoised with MS and was prescribed a high dose of predisone i think 80 m/g. MY face was fine for the first two weeks but then it broke me out in a acne-like mask and not just in one part
  3. i use that exact same cleanser its known to be a very drying cleanser but i use it along with a hydrating toner so my skin never gets dry just smooth use a mostrieizer (idk how to spell it) or if you still get dry use the cream cleanser version that one is made for dry skin
  4. eating like a million bars of godiva chocolaye bars and dove ice cream without worrying that ill break out not worrying about uneven skin tone and redmarks eating chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream
  5. for some reason it not avaliabe in the U.S they Neutrogena replaced it with the Oil Free Anti-Acne Moistrizer lol and they both ahve the same ingreadiants and exact same description lol ha it was a good product and it really did help redmarks
  6. you needa calm down!! accutane takes lots of time and patience i was like you because i started with mild acne and kinda went threw the course with severe acne pimples nearly all over my face and marks and stuff then like month 5 i go clear and stuff and in the long run your skin will stay clear (except for the odd pimples small ones) and you will be happy just dont really think about it and dont pick
  7. iv tried them before i think i used the Clearskin Invigorating scrub and Daily cleanser first the scrub was almost identical to the Neutrogena deep clean invigorating scrub and my skin felt really clean but had alot of menthol but it still kinda worked and the daily cleanser was great and made my face feel really calm and clean! worth a try thow!
  8. As of right now im useing Neutrogena Oil free acne wash and it hasent odne wnything but clean and heal some clogged pores but then again i got off tane so i think all the junk purged already lol but in the past..... i use to use alot of Salycic Acid cleansers and they did purge the skin and break me out more but then in the end would keep me clear
  9. no it just my mom would get freaked out loll and wonder why i want a tool but nowwww it comes in blue and green so i might get one it sounds coool
  10. i want to try that bad but..... they only have one in pink!!! lol so ya
  11. lol ya i hated that aveeno one i also own that cliqniue one lol because i got it from a friend because she felt bad my face was so dry from accutane lol ya i agree it's the best
  12. i was an okay one i used it until i got a better protection one from neutrogena but it really dosent do anything to redness and feverfew is supposed to be irratating suposibly
  13. Okay so i finished my 6 month course of accutane is December and iv been clear except now i have blackheads and oily skin and clogged pores on my forehead and i want to use a blackhead scrub..... but...... Can i use a Salycic acid wash everyday? Is my skin still sensitive to exfoliat everyday??? i mean im oily like i was pre-tane. So right now im using dove soap and i feel to like over mostrized (idk how to spell it). The scrubs i want to use is the 1.clean and clear blackhead scrub and 2.Neutr