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  1. This is a newer one of me no photoshop just the sepia tone lol.
  2. I get what you mean, it means it sorta motivates you, like if it doesn't bother them or stop them from living a happy and fulfilling life, It shouldn't with you either
  3. I don't think it has made me an asshole, It has made me more jealous though. I've never been a judgmental person even before acne, and I remember I used to smile alot more. But now I cant really, I mean I have some more problems in my life besides my acne that has done that for me but, its hard to smile when you try to and you can feel the acne on your face and it hurts.
  4. Hey, I'm also gay....and I know how you feel! It seems like when you're gay, you have to wear these awesome clothes, have nice hair, body and face to even be with someone....I know its like that whether you're gay, straight, bi etc. But it seems like its worse with gay men in general.
  5. Wow this is really awesome, thanks for posting this!
  6. I am totally addicted to this site, I come on here to see what others have to say and it makes me feel better, because I don't feel like I'm the only one struggling and I have so many people I can relate to on here.
  7. I don't think I've honestly been able to really enjoy a show for the longest time, because I'm always looking at their faces to see if they have any flaws. Then it always ends up making me feel ugly because of course with all the make up and such they look flawless.
  8. Oh thanks, I could try that too!
  9. Yes, it should be normal within the first week or so. Alpha Hydrolic Acid is a great addition for the regimen. It works very well in restoring your scars. Im glad to hear your skin no longer tightens. Eventually you need to build up to 2 times a day, then up to 2 full pumps. Keep me tuned with your progress.

  10. Hey well Its kinda a long story but Im only using 1 pump once a day just for now, the twice a day thing was just too much for my skin just for right now. One good thing is I can smile now and my face isnt so tight! I also talked to Brandy and she said I could start the aha so Im doing that and its helping but I think its like bringing out pimples is that normal? Thx for checking up on me!

  11. How's your regimen going cody?

  12. Ugh yes I hate that too! I kinda had the same thing happen to me today as well...and Im so dry from dans regimen it just makes me feel even more crappy!
  13. Okay I can do that Thanks for all of your help by the way!
  14. Wow well yeah they kinda do because applying 2 full pumps in time, kinda scares me haha! But I'm already in my 5th week of the regimen so is it going take me a lot longer to get to two pumps?