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  1. Ok well here's an update since the last week or so for those who are interested.. Basically I thought stuff it and went to see her as planned on Thursday even though I just had a massive breakout.. I just acted like I usually do, we talked for aages.. had a laugh that kinda thing. Then when I get back my friend randomly asked her over msn if she liked me (again? 0.o) and she just straight out said yes, but keep it to yourself. Lol so he told me straight away which is awesome.. Anyway knowing t
  2. 2 years isnt that much of a diff. at that age maybe, but just make sure shes comfortable with it. If you like her its worth a try

  3. Thanks for the advice guys.. I think you're both right but I've got this huge like 4-headed lump thing on my chin I'm not even sure what it is it developed in the last few days.. looks like about 10 cysts clumped together I can't really take it anymore it's not improving at all so gonna cycle like 15 miles into town tomorrow just to get some makeup which is really weird I know but I reckon it's better than having this on me.. What do you guys think about the age thing? I hate thinking people
  4. Ok I seriously just have to let this all out somehow, and it occured to me this is the only place. So background information, I'm male, 16. And have reduced my acne to like 5 or so small spots per-week due to diet changes, but am still left with a shit load of red marks which are just as bad. I've liked quite a few girls over the last 2 years or so but generally I can focus myself and get over them fairly easily because I know they will not be interested. But recently I've been absolutely mad
  5. Does anyone know a good concealer or some other kind of cover up that is available in the UK? I've searched alot and can't find it mentioned anywhere. So does anyone have anything to recommend, preferably from boots or superdrug?
  6. always 24 hours after. So like this Day 1 AM - Normal PM - NO Acids Day 2 - AM - NO Acids Day 2 - PM Peel Day 3 - AM - No acids Day 3 - PM No acids Day 4 - Back to normal
  7. Coming to think of it worst thing everyone ever said about me was when I was like 13 and just started getting it and my friend goes "Wow look your getting tonns of zits and stuff on your face?!" It was weird he just sounded fascinated but I think that would've killed me these days.. But back then i didn't give a shit about my acne and it didn't affect me at all so I was just like "uhh.. yea" Thing is I still can't make my mind up whether it's worse to not care about acne and not let it affect y
  8. Yea I think maybe you should wait until your main problem is the marks before using GA stuff.. whenever I do a peel I usually have like 1 or 2 tiny pimples at that time and it basically burns them off and leaves a little bloody stump where it was, they're so tiny I just brush them off with my nail but I think probably not good for people with a fair ammount of active acne.. I've never used any paula's choice stuff but everyone I hear says they are fantastic so good luck.. The cleanser seems to
  9. How are you sure it's the cause of your acne?? Seems an unusual thing to cause skin problems? Surely it's better than most oils, it's all natural and stuff?
  10. In the morning I use - A 5% Glycolic Acid cleanser and then apply Puredeming R-ALA intense gel Then in PM I use the same cleanser followed by a 10% Glycolic acid Night cream Also I use a 30% Glycolic acid peel once a week, since I've been using these (About a month) My marks have faded more than I've noticed in the last 4 years or so I've had them.. If I had to guess at saying which helps most though it would be the peel, usually about 2 days after you do one if you compare with before you a
  11. Marks Don't fade at all when you got active acne all around them in my experience.. I had severe acne for like 3 years with the same marks all around it that didn't fade at all.. but I just thought that they were spots waiting to surface ( i knew nothing about acne then ) Now most of my active inflamed stuff is gone I just got a shit load of marks.. they didn't fade at all really in about 3 months, but they've faded alot now I've started using the right products on them.. Think it's really imp
  12. Maybe, to be fair I hadn't even considered that.. I don't think I'd literally be able to look her in the eye and say Hello really, plus the fact I can't speak without mumbling or eat anything but soup and can't even dream of smiling/laughing without causing excruciating pain Little bits of dried blood starting to fall off my face this evening so I guess that's a good sign that it's healing or something.. I've never really had a problem with public speaking so I can't really relate, but that d
  13. Don't say it is stupid or something but I was just gonna say that somekind of plaster on it would be great if you don't wanna show it to EVERYONE around you. It is pretty common that someone or -thing has attacked.. Nevertheless, hope you'll heal quickly^^