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  1. Thanks! Currently looking into subcision + fillers. Hoping that plus maybe some TCA for the smaller marks will solve my problem this year.
  2. Has anybody had experience with the Vampire PRP Facial? That was kind of next on my list if I wasn't blown away with the Erbium Yag (which so far I'm not). TCA Cross is also on my list to check out. I'm even deadass looking up if it's possible to get skin-grafts done. I'd rather have skin from my ass on my face forever than deal with this for another year. I really loathe the condition of my skin.
  3. Bumpin' Got an Erbium Yag resurfacing done exactly 2 months ago. Was told it'd be about 4 months until I saw the final result. So far not seeing much of a difference, not sure which course to take next.
  4. Do I NEED fillers if I get subcision? Are those two treatments in tandem? Again my biggest problem with what I'm hearing about fillers is that they're a temporary fix. I don't want a temp fix. I want a permanent fix.
  5. That's where a lot of this gets difficult. As I stated before, I think the lighting and HD camera maybe exaggerates the severity of the scars. But I see people here telling me to disregard and "run away" from the dermatologist recommendations. Not sure who or what to trust in this regard. I honestly just want these scars taken care of. Absolutely the cheapest route would be nice if best, but I'm more looking for the quickest solution, even if it's the most expensive. Subcision is something
  6. I was told this would be a great place to post. I had really bad cystic acne from when I was about 13 to 23. I eventually found that "Benzoyl Peroxide" was the magic ingredient and kept it under control until March of this year. Then in talking with dermatologists about getting rid of these scars, I was prescribed accutane and (having been off it now for almost a month) I'm confident now that I'm cured. I've met with two dermatologists so far in this past year. One recommended I take