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  1. nope those dicount cards for the aczone to get it for 25 bucks wont work anymore i used them so many times my insurance wont pickup the bill anymore. so i have to pay full price.you can only use those $25 dollar discount cards so many times until you're insurance wont pickup the tab anymore andyou have to pay full price wait and see.I did get some free samples but he olny gives me 3 tttttthose small smaples dont last long.
  2. you can ordfer aczone online?I dont think you can but you're links have been removed..
  3. anyone here use aczone?I went to cvs to get my tube and a small little 30g tube cost me $200 bucks cause my stupid insurince wont cover it.And the bigger 60g tube is $375.I dont understand how they can charge so much for this stuff.I mean it works well but still this stuff is way overpriced.im just venting but want to know if anyone has delt with prices like this like me.The price i have to pay every month is burning a hole in my pocket.anyone use aczone or pay this much?its really getting hard
  4. ok well 2 days later the cyst is bigger so now I have to call on Monday.does anyone ever notice when you call your derms office that the women that answer the phone seems like that could care less sometimes like they never had ance or bad acne in their life.
  5. i went to my derm to have a cyst that was not very big but you can feel it its hard and barley raised up.when I came home I looked in the mirror the derm didn't inject the cyst but another spot that he thought was the cyst. guess he had a hard time seeing it.i don't think he injected very much cortizone in since its almost flat but now im worried about getting a dent in my face is there anything I can do?them derm is now closed for the weekend.
  6. no offense but you dont sound like you have ever gotton a cyst,.
  7. called my derm to have a big cyst i got injected with cortizone but the receptionist told memy derms to booked up to see me and ill just have to go the weekend with this big monster cyst on my face whats up with that?.the derm cant see me for 5 min at the end of his day to help me out not cool at all makes me feel like he really doesnt care and im sure he doesnt.I been getting cystsjust about every 2 weeks and im tired of it.i want to go on accutane but the derm wont put me on it and the aczone
  8. I havent been on here in a while and now i cant seem to find the forum on cysts and there use to be one.Can anyone tell me where it went and where to post about cysts now?thanks
  9. 2nd day after i had it injected it went down some more but still there wtf.
  10. got a cortisone injection yesterday but its still there but it went down some how long can it take for a cyst to be gone after its injected?
  11. I got a cyst injected today its real big and i look so bad with it and its so red.and why did my derm inject the cyst from the sides and not the center i dont get that.anyone know?
  12. its a mith its not true seach the internet and see for yourself sheesh.
  13. I was reading on here someplace that theres pills that help with dry skin does anyone know anything about this?I cant find the post now but someone said they take some pills from a health food store i think that helps with dry skin anyone know anything about this?
  14. Cerave is a good moisturizer and so is neurtrogena both are non comdeogenic..i use cerave am it has a spf 30in it for the sun theres also a cerave pm for night time havent used that one much yet but i hear its good.netrogena with spf 35 is good none of these will make you break out.I buy them at Cvs or wallgreens.