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  1. can several sessions of subcision alone help to flatten this type of scar? Considering budget and no improvement in resurfacing laser?
  2. Em, actually i have no idea how it's categorized Hye, thank you for the compliment, i do have ice pick scars on on the left side of my face, large pores and few bumps on nose, i guess the camera did some trick. I'm not bothered with other imperfections, but this one i couldn't help it. Pigmentation can be covered with concealer but this one always obvious when seen under different lighting.
  3. Thank you so much, i was wondering why they didn't offer this to me
  4. Hye everyone, sorry for complaining, my acne flare issue resolved many many years ago, but i am really bothered by these scars, i believed it is distensible scar because when i stretch the skin, it is almost disappear. I m very disappointed with the so called lcp approved medical clinic that initially said if lasers could not treat it, subcision would be helpful. Instead my scars doesnt show any improvement at all after 3 session, despite being told that this scar is shallow. They offered me mor
  5. Hye, thank you so much for the opinion. Maybe this is more obvious. I had 1 session of fotona laser at certified clinic but not sure if my expectation too high or there is really no difference at all, i ll have 2 more session, planning to tell her if subcision is a better option
  6. Hi, 16 years ago i had few cystic acne on my face. I was dumb back then so i pinched the acne till it drew pus and blood. Since is how the scars look like since then. Other parts of my face are fairly ok but this indentation appears huge at different lighting so i m really bothered by it from time to time. Do you have any recommendation on how to lift this scar up?