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  1. does ACV lighten red marks by exfoliation or by bleaching the skin? or something else? i guess the same question goes for aloe vera. please post any links that would explain this to me. i guess i like to know what i'm doing to my face.
  2. i sooooooo know what you're talking about. what i've suggested before is, wearing a tight rubber band around your wrist, and snapping it, whenever you realize you're picking away. another suggestion is to keep a notepad and a pencil wherever you usually go to veg-out, and put a tick down every time you pick...at the end of the day look at how many times you did it, and try to get the number down each day. it's so hard, i know, i battle with it too.
  3. and what was your skin like before you started and since you've started doing this? and for how long have you been doing it?
  4. nope, i didn't go out. but i think even if my skin was clear, something would've set me off anyway. don't get me wrong though...my skin is still shit.
  5. thanks guys...the weekend has come and gone, but good advice and support. i think i just had an overall bad week and every stupid little thing came crashing in on me that night.
  6. -"hey, i can't wait to go out tonight. pick you up around 9? i love st. patrick's day!" -"me too. i've been looking forward to going out all week. see you in a bit!" well. i'll wear my new low-cut shirt. shoot, what's that new red mark on my chest? okay let's go for the backless...alright, i can see THAT hasn't healed yet. short-sleeved mock turtle neck again. why is my foundation clumping? oh with that cheek zit, i sure can't wear my hair up. and with that throbbing zit on my forehe
  7. i am a caucasian that has skin that tans very easily, so the pigment is a bit dark. however, when i get a pimple, a WHITE mark is left over. it is flat in texture and i have one that has faded quite a bit (it took over 10 years), so it is possible for them to eventually blend in. does anyone else have this problem? if so, what do you use to help speed the fading of them?
  8. oh and i don't rinse off the ACV
  9. well i like to overmedicate, so i was wonder if what i was doing would help or hurt my skin...i'm only into day two, and don't see any irritation...yet. 1. neutrogena oil-free acne wash. 2. life-brand 2% salicylic astringent. 3. apply ACV to red marks using a q-tip, and using 2 parts water and 1 part ACV. 4. apply BP to stupid pimples. 5. apply some neosporin/polysporin to stupid popped/opened pimples. 6. slather on some aloe vera gel. 7. apply aveeno lotion. 8. MAC make-up should i be
  10. i'd go with dan's...yours kind of looks like mine...3 weeks in, and i've just got hyperpigmentation.
  11. you need to just flat out tell her that she is absolutely ridiculous next time she bothers you. i find that people don't know how to react to being called that. tell her she could've spent all this time and energy, following you around and being mean to you, into getting to know you instead, but you're glad that you're on her mind so much anyway and find her stalking endearing...and then follow it up with another, "you are ridiculous." and then pick up your books and walk away. if it continue
  12. hahahahahahaha. i did go for a walk on a deserted trail today without make-up just to push myself and because the sun was shining. i was trying to be a little funny there.