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  1. It makes your body dry so you have to drink more water otherwise it comes out yellow.
  2. Woah thats really brave of Keira but I think its going to make people like her even more
  3. Hey everyone I hope this is in the right place as couldn't find other place that seemed to fit the description. Anyway its been two months since I've been of Accutane and I was wondering how long do you have to wait till you exfoliated? Also has anyone tried the Neutrogena oil free exfoliator? if so how is it?
  4. Hmm I thought drinking at least 8 glasses of water was enough to clean the liver?
  5. I'm talking about going to the toilet more than usual say you normally go once every day but now its like 2-3 times. Anyone else experiencing this?
  6. I remember being in the sun for a few hours. Boy could i feel my face burning.... Anyway why don't you try to use one which is oil free and paba free? Shouldn't cause any breakouts then.
  7. I just checked my booklet and it lists it as one of the rarer side effect. Oh yeah are you using eye drops for your eyes? since you mentioned they're drier...
  8. I've been like one tablet 10mg for like almost a YEAR but yeah the acne is all gone though.... but takes even longer than the 20mg. Depends on how your skin reacts I guess since i get mad ecezma galore... and other stuff sigh.
  9. I drink green tea and strangely lol i feel abit old drinking it like you know those chinese movies? lol anyway taste alright hope its doing good !!!
  10. Prob a month? I read in the book Accutane can remain in your blood for a week,month even yrs which is crazy. I'd suggest asking your dermatologist ?
  11. Yeah same hear man i mean i still do the same workouts with same intensity but i've actually shrunk o.0; and i still eat the same food i was working out. So i decided to just lift lightly or just stop working out and do cardio until i'm off it.
  12. I eat it with fruits in the morning taste so yummy but i think i overcook it -_-;
  13. Hey im wondering if anyone has Ecemza as well is taking accutane? I've been on it for hmm few months now and right now its really bad i mean it flares up on my arms and even hands!!! Heck im getting cuts now. Luckily most of my acne is gone so i'm gonna stop taking it until my next appointment with my derm. Just wondering what you guys used when your eczema flared up heaps? Did you still take accutane or switch to something different?