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  1. I am currently using this, and it's been working pretty well. I haven't noticed any significant changes, but I can tell my skin is about to peel. I've been using it since April 29th, so it's been a little over a week, so I will update you on how it's going in about a couple weeks to a month.
  2. I agree with what everyone has said so far. I can deal with the acne scarring because it's light, and makes me look somewhat distinguished (haha), but the redmarks make my skin look terrible. My redmarks are mostly on my neck and under jaws, but I have a lot, and they are very red/noticeable. Sometimes I just don't want to go outside because they never really go away. Like Gilmour56 said, they are smooth, but look awful and bruised. Sometimes I wonder if that's the worst part because they are ju
  3. I just looked it up, and the website says that it contain 8% hydroquinone? That's a bit too much...
  4. Hey guys, I'm just wondering if anyone here has used RETINOL for their redmarks, and wants to share their experience? I purchased SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.5 Refining Night Cream, and I'm waiting for it to arrive. I'm hoping that this is really going to be the stuff that helps my redmarks go away!
  5. Actually, I just ordered .5% Retinol to help with the redmarks. I think if I use that 1-2 times a week, the 10% AHA+ will do well to fight the flakiness? Am I thinking correctly here?
  6. Hi guys, I'm currently using Dan's AHA+ 10% right now. I've used 20% AHA Products in the past, so I feel as if my skin is used to higher concentrations. I was wondering if anyone has used M2 Skin Refinish 12% or 20%? It is the upgraded version of the older MaMa lotion. I am considering ordering it because I am desperate to get these redmarks gone, without using anything harsh like Retin-A or Hydroquinone. Does anyone have any reviews of these products, and recommend which one I should start o
  7. Well I used to use the 15% NuCelle and 20% MaMa solutions at least once a day, for about 3 months each, (each product was at a different time of course) and I never had any negative effects or damage from those. I just had to stop using them because the prices were going way up, and I didn't realize what the flakiness was from, but my skin looked the best then!
  8. Thank you for the fast response! And hmm I see, it must be working slowly, but surely. I think my skin might be used to 15%-20% AHA solutions (MaMa and NuCelle) though I haven't used those prodts in over a year. Do you know if Dan will be creating a higher solution AHA+ anytime soon?
  9. When is my skin going to start flaking? I have been using it RELIGIOUSLY (2-3 times a day on my whole face) for the past four days, and I have not started flaking. I am using it to ATTEMPT to reduce my ridiculous hyperpigmentation, but with no avail. Help? Edit: On a positive note, my skin feels a bit smoother
  10. Has anyone used the Acne.org product to get rid of redmarks? How effective has it been?
  11. Thank you for the reply JillyKins. I am currently 95% clear, but on no regimen. I only cleanse with a Jojoba oil/tea tree oil soap in the morning and night, and then moisturize with Jojoba oil at night before sleep. I used to use MaMa and NuCelle, as stated above, and after I quit using those (about a year ago?) I broke out, but my skin has calmed down significantly since then. I pretty much only have red marks, and just acne that reoccurs in on the right side of my neck. The main fear I have w
  12. Hello all, I am looking to purchase the AHA+ after reading all the reviews on how great the product is. I just had a bunch of questions. 1. How bad is the purging phase? I used MaMa and NuCelle, and those phases lasted about a few weeks. 2. How effective is this treatment versus redmarks? I have some marks that are 6-12 months old! 3. My skin is about 95% clear, with acne only remaining/occurring on the right side of my neck. Will it be worth it to use the AHA+ and go through the purging proce
  13. Is this the product you are talking about? http://www.amazon.com/Reviva-Vitamin-Cream...m/dp/B000KHMPOW
  14. Man the jawline is the worst when you look at me straight on you can barely tell I have acne/redmarks, but from the side because of my jaw and neck it's like WOAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH there