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  1. Bruin With your method, did u wait 5 minutes for the acv to dissolve before reapplying again ?
  2. First swelling , then the scars looked worse and now it's either the same or about 10% better. Then again, i didn't wait for it to absorb before applying it so maybe my results aren't as i hoped . I am still healing. it's been about 2 months now. i have to say though when i put make up on, the scars look much better than before this method. It's smoother. Some people have seen better results and some haven't. I know i've seen better results still healing though. I tried the waiting me
  3. Bruin your way was it like Kali's method? Did u wait 5 minutes each time u applied?
  4. Hi karli Sorry to hear about your accidents. How did it happen? Well the toner worked for my friend . She's been on it for 2 months now. i just started the maya method since i was waiting for my face to heal from the undiluted acv method. I thought this was the safest method 2 part water and 1 part acv with a cotton balls mornign and night as a toner. i saw my friend's face, it looked great. I think it works best for rolling scars and shallow scars but maybe over time, it can even work for
  5. Well u can apply undiluted acv 5 to 10 times per scar each night with a q tip for about 2 weeks or until it starts stinging. Then u let it heal for about a month while takign vitamin c 2000 mg total per day. It can take up to 3 months for new collagen to grow. Maybe apply sunscreen and serum to help the collagen grow like oil of olay regenerist serum. It can look worse at first before it starts looking better. I got maybe 10 to 15 % better results so far. 1 month +1 week in healing so
  6. acv is short for Apple cider vinegar. It costs about $2 dollars. You can get it at any supermarket. Make sure it's not expired. Wow, i went shopping today and i had a little makeup on. I wear mineral makeup Bare essentials which i find to be great. I hardly breakout with mineral make up. So anyway, before this acv method, i would avoid looking at my face in the mirror while trying on clothes. But today, my skin looked great. More even, my linear scar hardly showed. My linear scar is
  7. How long has it been since u stopped the acv method Karli? I like this 3 part water 1 part acv. It makes my scars softer and the makeup looks smoother over it. Before the acv method, even with makeup the indents were noticable. Now it's less noticable. So that's kind of proof that the acv is helping. So basically with this method, my scars went from looking really good because of the puffiness, then to somewhat worse and after about a month of healing, the results are showing as 10 to
  8. fao blythe- that's very interesting- thank you for sharing that. i'm sorry it didn't work out for you either. hi maria- i do hope i am still in a healing process. i don't mind so much not seeing results- it's just that i've worsened things before on my own and wouldn't want to have done that again. i am indeed taking 1,000 c twice daily. i've continued that. i'm glad to hear yours returned to normal after the slight deepening effect. thank you for letting me know. :) when i tried it, i did not
  9. Karli No i wasn't applying like u were . I was kind of healing at that time so i didn't want to mess it up. What i did was just applying over and over but not waiting every 5 minutes like u did. . I think u may have gotten better results so i'll try your way this time around. And mine kind of scabbed and frosted from that applying over and over again and not waiting every 5 minutes to apply again. Oh yeah , i asked my doctor about taking vitamin c during pregnancy or while trying to g
  10. Karli Not to discourage anyone but I too noticed i had better results when i was applying the acv but when i stopped for healing, the results were less. So i think it's the puffiness that makes it look like we have better results. What i thought was 30-40% is probably 10-15 % so far. I am in my 3rd week of healing and i see some results but not as good as it was in the beginning. Yeah Karli u should wait. Let it heal. Those are the real results. Right now i'm just putting 3 part water
  11. Ninja I heard this method would be good for rolling scars. Just don't puncture the skin with the toothpick and Make sure the acv is not expired. I guess people get different results so good luck.
  12. Yeah we should have at least 2 portions of protein a day. Karli You mentioned that u had a tca cross 8%, was it done on all of your scars? Could it be that you are seeing more improvements on those than the rest of the scars which u haven't done the tca cross on? Do u keep the acv in the refrigerator? Would that help? Blythe i'm still confused on how your scars got worse. Acv is a weak acid and u diluted it 3 to 1 which makes it even weaker. most of us did it straight from the bottle. sh
  13. Karli i know how u feel. Sitting in the sun shows it all. When i go for my haircuts, i dread looking in the mirror because it's so bright because the sunlight is hitting the window. So I usally come home all depressed and hopeless. I hope you continue to have good results. For the ones who have had negative results, I read that for people who smoke / go through a lot of stress or is over the age of 50, need to take 3000-5000 vitamin c to build collagen. Please mention your ages / if u sm
  14. And this Vitamin C is making my skin tone fresh looking, plumper and the scars looking softer. Even tough the results of the acv isnt drastic , any result is good for me. And i'm not a very patient person butthis stuff is better than anything else i've tried. Just don't do this acv method on acne though. Because it's acid , it might burn off the acne and leave a scar. I know when i had a microdermabrasion on a cystic pimple, it left a big scar. Try to stay away from cortisone shots as wel