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  1. you could try 5% ibuprofen gel with tee tree oil or cream twice a day. All the benefits of bp but without the drying effectc. take some vitamins too. zinc fish oil b complex vitamin d all help - all natural. drink water with a slice of lemon - helps flush out whatever toxins that might be triggering your acne. try cutting back on dairy see if it has any effect on your skin.
  2. i'd say give it 3 months - use morning and night - 15mins then wash face with water or very gentle cleaser, apply 2.5 bp, moisturiser and you should definately see some improvement. reduction in cysts, inflamed acne.
  3. couple of points. 1. yep there's the pyschology - being away from people who you might normally hide your skin condition from will automatically relax your stress levels = feeling relaxed = feeling good =internal well being + better skin. 2. oxygen is known to improve skin complaints - bp oxygenates the skin, the blue red light helps stimulate oxygen in the skin and improve recovery speed. 3. sunlight is a natural vitamin d - good for the skin. 4. salt water is known to be a natural skin exfo