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  1. I have heard good things about Mac prep and prime, but I've never used it myself. I have really sensitive skin, and bareminerals prime time worked great for me. What's also great about that primer is you only have to use very little for each application. I'm curious if anyone has tried elf's primer for acne prone skin. That's something I keep forgetting to try.
  2. I also have dry patches, so when I use foundation I try to moisturize with a hydrating mist. L'Oreal true match in liquid form is one of my favorites. It does not give full coverage, but the shade range is great. The coverage is medium at best. I usually set it with a powder and setting spray for longevity, since I have really oily skin. Nyx has a very affordable mineral loose powder that I enjoy using. They also carry a nice stay matte, but not flat product if you prefer a powder in pressed fo
  3. Check your powder and how it looks in daylight when you're in your car. For the longest time I would only go by the lighting in my bathroom, and that isn't the most accurate light. Also, you might want to buy a primer. This helps make your powder, or foundation last longer. Some primers even contain SPF, so that eliminates having to worry about sunscreen. Ulta and sephora also have good options, and give out samples. More and more guys work at these stores, so don't be intimidated bc you'
  4. havent read most of the posts, so hopefully not being very repetitve, but i think theres a misconception that being a virgin as a woman in ur twenties is always a positive thing. i waited a while to lose mine, and i remember gettig judged for being a prude, childish, for being asexual, confused all types of things. anyway, i dont mean to sound super preachy, but i am so glad i waited. i think its def a private, and intimate decision, and i personally was not ready as a 21 year old to be naked
  5. im no expert, but i have a few suggestions. go to a mac counter and get color matched. then, google ur drugstore alternative. people love covergirl outlast for oily skin, but i currently looove revlon colorstay whipped. its a pigmented foundation, so u dont need much for coverage. to take it off at night, i use a skin cleansing balm, along with olay daily facials. good luck!
  6. good hair is def something u guys should feel happy, and lucky to have even though my skin is scarred, i'm glad i have the confidence to live according to what's right for me, and what i feel is going to be beneficial, instead of being some cookie cutter version of myself. i'm also glad i laugh easily, and that i don't have manly feet lol
  7. Do u have moderate acne? If so, I rec using an OTC scrub with salicylic acid at the 2% level. I was scrolling through drugstore reviews and so many people were saying how their face scrubs worked much better if it was left longer on the face, sort of like a mask. I've been doing this for a while now, and I think it does make your skin clearer, and also preps the face for whatever other treatment you are applying. About the emotions you expressed in your post, I know not comparing yourself to oth
  8. i hope i don't come off preachy, but you are right. there are many other difficult things life could have handed you, but we all know acne isn't just a surface, or aesthetic issue. as someone who once thought i would never have a day of clear skin..healing your skin, and having success with treatment is just the beginning. just as you have gotten used to your acne, it takes getting used to having skin that doesn't breakout severely, or moderately. it is emotionally, and physically life-chan
  9. lol i'm not advocating womanizing, i just think having regret is difficult. looking back, and wishing you would have moved on so much sooner.
  10. if you bring it up to her, which i recommend you do, there's a small chance she'll consider your skin insecurities as a weakness. i don't think i've ever heard any woman in conversations i've had say, "when a man admits he has insecurities about the way he looks, it makes him appear weak." if anything, she will relate to you in the sense that our society puts a lot of pressure on girls to look a certain way. in the conversation, you don't have to go into depth about how bad your acne makes you f
  11. just wanted to comment on this so it would be moved up in the board
  12. well, even if my face is clear for the day, i still have scars. i still have oily skin. there's always something that reminds me "you have acne, or you had it." acceptance was the hardest thing for me, but i think it's easier when it's how your face has been for most of your life. i have mild acne right now, and i know it's said a lot in this section of the message board, but i know there are other things about me ..whether it's physical, or not, that i am grateful to have. that's how i see it n
  13. the sweetest surprise

  14. i think that's a really uncomfortable situation. honestly, my close friends have never been one to remark and make fun of people with acne. i think being friends with them if they were that type of person would have made the whole getting clear experience completely unbearable. it is ignorance, but also, bad etiquette. i'm not the most polite person in the world..lol..believe me, but people who make fun of someone's acne or any chronic condition have a poor sense of courtesy and considersation.