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  1. yes, that is me exactly. my acne began when i was about 22. i actually believe it began after when i greedily began using proactiv on my tiny acne bumps and then i broke out after it stopped working for me. i am 26 now and have only been clear about 3 times since then for a total of about 3-5 months. i honestly dont worry too much about my acne but nowadays it is kind of bugging me with its persistence and i worry about scarring. i have never scarred before because i heal so quickly. it's time t
  2. For anyone who has used Neosporin cream and has been successful with it or has built a tolerance to it and can no longer use it (like my relationship with BP). 1)How long have you been using Neosporin cream? 2)Have you built a tolerance to it ?(ie. it is no longer effective for clearing up acne for you) 3)In what way did you use it? Spot treatments or all over? 4) And finally, did you use it constantly or did you stop/start for periods of time? Thanks, greatly appreciated.
  3. My experience with Eucerin products has been that they are very thick and pasty. After I apply it anywhere, the area feels greasy and I'm left with a shine. I've tried both Alpha Hydroxy and non.
  4. did you spot treat with neosporin or did you rub it all over?
  5. A number of weeks I posted about Prosacea. I've had great success with this product so far. But I've added a new element to my regimen that has cleared me beyond belief. It's no secret anymore that Neosporin cream helps clear acne quickly when used as a spot treatment. But coupled with Prosacea for the red marks that still remain, it is a godsend. This is my regimen. I no longer use Delna's baking soda regimen. That is no longer necessary. I cleanse in the morning. (Gillette Men's but any gly
  6. maybe cause the water's different there or something? isn't this kinda outright saying 'hey, our bp product fails for many people. let's test SA over here then see how we can market it back for the good ol' suckers in the US'
  7. i would stop using the BP IMMEDIATELY. i say you won't get better if you keep using it. BP does not work for some people. it doesn't for me.
  8. the biggest mistake of yours and everyone else's. but seriously, what kind of salt would you be using? i have not heard of any salt water being effective in cleansing the face or curing acne.
  9. it's due to hormones. without a doubt. i play basketball with my friends and they sweat about a tenth of what i do. i sweat when i eat spicy foods or even over a hot bowl of noodles. ever try eating a jalapeno while you had acne? when i jog on the treadmill i sweat non-stop. one time this girl turned the fan on me before she left. maybe she was disgusted, maybe she didn't want me to dehydrate to death. it's just hormones man. exercise will take care of it. the more you sweat the more you'll ge
  10. i absolutely 100% breakout from beer chocolate (bigtime) milk, just milk not dairy potato chips to some extent
  11. Posh - i have not heard of beta blockers or anything like that. I just read your log though and I have symptoms of flushing as well. I also forgot to add this but blushing has become something that's become easier for me recently. I NEVER blushed when i was younger. Also, slight temperature changes make me flush as well and I sweat so easily. In the car, exercising, wearing long sleeves on a warm day. Don't get me started on spicy foods. Miss Jo - I bought mine at Walgreens. In the aisle w
  12. maybe everytime you ate hot cheetos you were drinking. which in some people can cause breakouts
  13. Google: Prosacea. it's easy to find and you can buy it from drugstore.com. still, i haven't read many reviews of it online. nor has anyone gone into much depth about it on this forum in the past. I will keep you updated on my status as well.
  14. It was very interesting how I stumbled onto Prosacea. I was in the band-aid/cotton ball aisle of Walgreens looking for Neosporin. I just picked it up, gave the package the once-over and thought What the hell? I've tried just about everything else. Too many to list here but in addition to Proactiv and The Regimen I've used all products that have failed me or eventually failed me by: Neutrogena, Clearasil, Nivea men's, Gillette men's, Cetaphil, St. Ive's, Clean&Clear, MANY other OTC produ