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  1. k...let me get this right...30oz = 3.75 cups of sea salt...seems like a lot LOL also i did a little test with a cup, i got the larger chunks of sea salt instead of the grainy kind which i assumed would dissolve the same but didnt really that well...so i took my grinder and grinded the 4kg that i bought straight down to tiny grains. as for washing face with this stuff, is it cool if i take half tablespoon and mix with my cetephil, or should i use the larger grains mixed with cetaphil?
  2. so far so good with mandelic, ive been using it along with 5%bp and some cetaphil. nose is looking great, as for the cheeks, they are getting a few bumps but thats probably from not exfolianting. have been goin through a breakout recenetly, probably because of eating all the Halloween candies lol. first few weeks was brutal on this stuff, but it brought up most of the gunk....just recently it brought up this big clogged pore which has been blackish for so long under the skin, thought it wasnt an
  3. anyone recommend one off of amazon? does it matter on the quality? there are some at local drug stores for like 5 bucks too... http://www.londondrugs.com/Cultures/en-US/...mp;ProductTab=3
  4. right now im using cetaphil moisturizer, it makes my skin oilier for some odd reason. should i look into something else? like jojoba?
  5. +1, will mandelic age the skin over time? im actually going to start doin one day on one day off with mandelic and bp to see if that will help with dryness. ps. if you guys have before after photos of mandelic can you most them please. thanks
  6. Have you used 10% yet? There is a big difference between the two - start out super slow - every couple days for at least a week. They should lighten, that is the whole idea of MA. I remember reading one log - I think Jenstar's and her skin darkened because she put too much on. You may need to exfoliate to help you with that. How many pumps do you use? 2-3 is plenty for face and neck. Baby Brush is great for exfoliation but you may want to look at some type of enzyme peel that is g
  7. anyone else notice that recent acne scabs or scars turn darker and dont heal as quickly when using mandelic? should i stop using every night and go every second night? and every night i dont use mandelic use bp? my skins still dry after moisturizing.
  8. yea mandelic is getting ridiculous now...day after day i get a new blemish, new white head, their small but annoying....or so i thought, now the top of my nose seems to forming a cyst possibly? large area red and inflamed, hurts to the touch....how long is this going to last?
  9. 1 week now, i can see lots of visible blackheads and clogged pores now on my cheeks nose and 1 or 2 on forehead but im afraid to remove because they'll bleed or they wont come out and get inflamed... my skin is stupid dry in the mornings which i hate even after moisturizing at night. maybe i should apply rotate ma one night bp another night...
  10. how long does the purging period with ma typically last? i am getting small whiteheads here and there, not a lot, but lots of visible clogged pores and appearing but are lightly inflamed though....good sign i guess ill continue to spot treat with bp
  11. well i used ma for 2 months atleast like beginning of the summer and i stopped for some reason lol..i didnt break out last time and but i have seen some minor breakouts now, but they subside or their usually inflamed clogged pores that are visible on the surface. my skin is quite dry, i think ill stop applying benzoyl all over for sure. but from your personal expeiernce, how long did it take till you noticed scarring to fade? btw, ive been using ma on my forehead all this time and its been c
  12. k so ive been using mandelic along with bp and cetephil moisturizer for 4-5 days now and redness is slightly down, old breakouts and active acne is dying down which is nice. ive been using cetephil cleanser as well which is very gentle. how long would you suppose majority of facial redness will subside? after 2 weeks? do i still have some because im also applying benzoyl at night. maybe ill just spot treat with it instead of applying all over. whats good for bigger darker patched scars? ive ha
  13. im so temped to go back to benzoyl....gah seems as though my skin is seriously dry in the mornings, lots of flaky skin, my mild exfoliant doesnt work, i end up having to physically remove all the dead layers of skin with a damp cloth. day 3, active acne is dying down, but i hate my skin tone right now. going back on tetracycline monday, hopefully within a month ill have no more red marks and no more active acne.
  14. damn my skin is really really dry lately...bad breakout, prolly because of drinking :S havnt moisturized and ive been on and off mandelic, but tonights my second night in a row and ill never go off again lol is it ok if i moisturize an hour or so after? i use cetephil and my skin gets really really oily, but i kinda like it that way at night because in the mornings my skin is just fine. also does mandelic help with healing of acne scabs? i removed a clogged pore that ended up forming a scab.
  15. this is exactly what i have. i dont get like random zits, i get redness around clogged pores...the ones under the skin are brutal though, they become highly inflamed for days and are impossible to rid of besides physical removal.