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  1. When most people are told to keep a low salt intake, thats usually referring to refined table salt. Its been refined and processed so much that your body can't properly absorb the minerals, besides all the other adverse health effects that come with the refining process. What the posters in this thread are talking about is pure Sea Salt, no refining or chemicals added, which is beneficial to the skin and overall health.
  2. I'm 14 (usually the worst age for acne), and over the past few months I reworked my diet to get rid of all refined sugars, and almost all carbs (whole grain cereal and breads once in a while doesn't hurt), and as long as I keep up a good diet with plenty of exercise my skin is very clear and ALOT less oily. The days I would laze around eating nothing but cookies and pickles all day (gross I know), you could run a paper towel down my face and see splotches of oil and nastyness.
  3. So I have two questions... 1. If cinnamon helps increase insulin resistance, if you happen to eat it with gluten or sugar, will it help keep things balanced? and 2. I heard that if you go out and exercise after eating certain sugars or carbs, it helps keep blood sugar levels down. Yes? No? Any merit to these? Thanks!
  4. I'd suggest not eating it anymore. Your body obviously doesn't want it, so why put yourself through that?
  5. I say good for you for not giving in to temptations. Regardless of whether it affects your acne or not, there is absolutely no benefit to eating cake. Why poison your body when you can help it grow and become so much healthier? Totally mind over matter Just as kinda a weird side note, I had been on a pretty strict diet for a couple weeks, and was over a friends house for a party. I had a slice of cake, and the next two days I was in the bathroom almost nonstop not fun...
  6. After changing my lifestyle, I feel great! I feel like I have so much more energy, a clearer head, can sleep alot better, and have put on alot of muscle. Once you start changing your lifestyle for the better, you never really want to go back after seeing the good it can do. I remember "back in the day" when I ate so much junk and never really exercised, I was always tired and got sick all the time. Since I changed I haven't gotten sick once, except maybe because of seasonal allergies. Whenev
  7. Everybody's body is different. Some people can eat alot of grains, some alot of sugars, etc and not break out. Sugar is probably the most common trigger, but there are a few cases where sugar doesn't affect a person's face. THAT BEING SAID, sugar (the refined kind you find in cakes, candy, crap foods) sugar be totally avoided. The sugars in fruits and other natural sources (honey, pure maple syrup) are fine for almost everyone. Personally, sugar and salt are my main triggers, and wheat doesn't
  8. Im sure alot of people feel held back because of their acne, wanting to stay out of the spotlight and do their own thing. Now, I know alot of people who have acne and are totally outgoing with lots of friends, parties, etc. I had acne pretty bad and I felt it held me back on alot of aspects of life. Now that im clear, I feel like I have the confidence to do more things, but don't quite feel right. Can some people give some tips to introverts on how to break free? I know alot of people are natura
  9. I did it for about two days, and had nothing but water, green tea, and fruit smoothies (strawberries, rasberries, etc)
  10. Personally, I tried fasting for a few days. I ate no solid foods and drank only smoothies and tea for a few days, and a whole lot of dead skin started coming off my face (everywhere else too; behind the ears, scalp, etc.), and the redmarks started to heal. If you give your digestive system a break it allows your body to spend more energy on healing the rest of your body, including your face.
  11. Sugar is the worst, for me anyway. If I eat anything sugary I can feel my face get tingly within a few minutes and new pimples form about three or so hours later. The sensation can last a few days though.