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  1. Gracie- Please be aware that you are a very striking woman! Beautiful! Okay? Just soak that in....alright? No one sees your scarring (which is minute!) or your minor breakouts. So please, please, please, focus on sending yourself positive messages of love rather than ego messages of shame! Love yourself girl!!!!!!!!

  2. I had a facial about ten days ago. Since then my skin has pretty much been erupting every day. I have gone from being clear, with the odd spot now and again, thanks to Dan's regimen, to having about 12 prominent whiteheads. My confidence is shot and I don't know what to do. I thought I'd got through the worst of this. I'm due to return to drama school again next week, but don't feel up to it in this current state. HELP. Any quick clearance advice? x
  3. hey i read ur comment and to leet you know i had fraxel re:pair for the scars. Im healing but i can see a bit of improvement already. Your skin looks fine to me though....

  4. hello! yes well im in a similar situation to yourself. i just come in to have a peruse around the lounge. and for the lolz :) tc

  5. long time no see gracieb

  6. gracieb

    The Scar Chronicles

    As some of you may know, I was rather successful in eliminating acne from my life for about the last 8 or 9 months. In the last month, however, I have had some come back, and just recently I had a huge cyst, which has left a huge dent by the left side of my mouth. Having already worked on less pronounced scars, it has really hampered my confidence. I happen to be an actor, too, so this is a nightmare. Any suggestions for treatment will be welcome. Thank you.
  7. That's fantastic news, Weevil! Are you based in the UK? I saw a Dr Dirk Budkha; he is a microbiologist. When I met with him initially, he asked me questions at length, took blood samples, a urine sample and swabs from my skin and saliva. He often finds that people who have ongoing health issues concering the skin, allergens and/or problems with the digestive tract have an underactive enzyme, thus toxicity accumulates in the body. When he gave me my results, they were specific to my DNA and so wa
  8. Hello, anybody who is interested! I hardly come on acne.org these days, as I am very fortunate not to have to. After 4 years of Hell with my acne, I am now consistently clear - with a very occasional blemish here and there. I have been on the regimen over 8 months, and my detox body cleanse was so useful; I can now eat what I want (within moderation or I'll get fat!!), but it doesn't effect my skin. What a blessing. The DKR comes strongly recommended by me, as does investigating the root cause
  9. Thank you so very much! I am very happy right now, but equally aware that these things move and change. I am living in the now. And it is good. Love to all. Please let me know if I can be of any help to you.
  10. About a week after the post above, I had an upsetting eruption, which I remarked on a different topic forum about, but since then..I have been more or less spot free! I don't get weekly outbreaks now. Instead, I probably get one or two spots every couple of weeks, I am overjoyed! Using AHA as a night-time moisturiser has really helped me, I think. It's just cemented the results of the regimen for me and made them more reliable. My skin is looking replensihed and recovering. I have about 6 marks
  11. Thank you, jarrit. This is what I mean. Is it how you would define 'purging', Welsh Lad? I'm crossing my fingers that mine doesn't do anymore than what it's doing currrently, as the general texture and appearance of my skin is so much better.
  12. I think I've had a little purge. I was using it as a spot treatment. I'm around the 4 month mark on the regimen now, but am still getting 1-2 spots per week (with no other bumps present). This is a remarkable improvement, but I want it to stop. Full stop. Because I want these blemishes banished, I thought AHA as a night-time moisturiser might do the trick. It's been three nights and I've only had 2 new spots occur, but one is a pustule by my mouth - I haven't had large spots for awhile so I thin
  13. Sunday 29th November: Today I have fantastic news - I do not have any active acne!! I am not sure how long this will last, but I am enjoying it for now..
  14. I am now three and a half months into the regimen: I am having a terrible time with my housemates and severe lack of sleep. Because of this, my skin could be suffering a lot more than it is; what I am finding, however, is that I am still susceptible to one or two spots per week and they are much worse if I pick. I am trying to avoid picking, but it's rather tempting. Since my facial, when I was at home, my red marks and some indentation have minimised. Yey. I have another two booked for over the
  15. Jojoba oil has worked really well for my flakiness. I want the acne to be gone. Full stop. Thank you so much for your positive input to the thread, TTTTTurtle! Good luck to you, too. Let me know of your progress.