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  1. Hey Fame - are your red marks fading at all? I'm starting to get a bunch of red marks too, but I hear they fade with time . . . fingers crossed. Taz is definitely clearing up my skin though -- you're right be patient!
  2. I put the Taz all over my face, but just a thin film -- like a pea size amount for my whole face. I have really sensitive skin so I know my face wouldn't be able to take SA or BP in addition to Taz, but I've read others that use it in addition to Taz and they seem okay. Taz made me pretty dry and itchy after about the first week and a half. You might give your skin a couple weeks on Taz and a regular cleanser to see how your skin does and if it's not too dry then add the other stuff to your r
  3. Well it's the end of week 9 and things have taken a turn for the worse. Made a huge mistake about about a week and a half ago and used a different cleanser (oil of olay) and my face basically freaked out. I got a rash all over my neck and my face broke out in zits again -- especially in the jawline area. So now I'm trying to get that all cleared up.
  4. I'm using Clindamycin gel w/ my taz. I think 5 weeks is too short to judge if Tazorac is working for you yet -- believe me, at the 5 week mark I wanted to yell at my Derm too. However, be patient (I know it's hard). I sent you a response to your message. Keep us posted on your progress.
  5. I guess I spoke too soon. Suddenly several new zits have made an appearance on my jawline. Did I mention I have a huge party this weekend and I really was hoping to make it through that with clear skin. Oh well . . .it could always be worse, I guess.
  6. Thanks Michelle. It's the end of week 7 and I'm happy to report that I'm free of active acne. I have lots of red marks though so it still looks like I have acne, but I don't -- strange. Plus, all those little bumps under the skin are gone and my skin is smooth and not dry. This Tazorac stuff really is working for me! Thanks everyone for your info and answering my questions. I'm sure I would have bailed on the treatment early on if I hadn't gotten the inside scoop from you all!
  7. I used proactive for several months but it didn't work for me.
  8. My face has been really itchy also so I can totally relate. It's week six and I still think I'm turning the corner. For the most part my face is free of active acne. The problems left on my face are my own doing from picking . . . I know, I know!! My jawline and neck still have some active acne, but less than last week. Red marks still there. Dryness is moderate -- the parts that aren't dry are actually pretty soft and smooth - no bumps (very surprising). I've been trying to go without
  9. Well that's interesting. My derm never mentioned waiting before applying the Taz. I basically wash, pat dry, apply topical antibiotic and immediately follow with Taz. I'll try waiting -- can't hurt, right? Especially for me because I do have sensitive skin. Do you know if I still should apply Taz to the areas where the skin has completely cleared? My forehead is completely clear -- wasn't much of a problem before -- so I stopped applying it there to prevent unnecessary irritation. The for
  10. I seem to be turning a corner (knock on wood). My rashes from Tazorac got too bad late last week so I decided to skip a day and went all weekend without makeup (of course stayed in doors so no one would see me!). My skin really liked that and the rashes are almost completely gone. I'm back to Tazorac and topical antibiotic daily, but I'm using much less of it. Based on what I've read here, I may have been using too much which caused my skin to go into freakout mode. I'm also now using a moi
  11. I've been on Tazorac + topical antibiotic for about 4 weeks now. I'm pretty sure I'm feeling the full wrath of Tazorac right now - my face is 100 times worse than it ever has been and I have a fairly decent sized rash-like wound on a cheek. Many of you report great success w/ Tazorac and say we need patience. Can any of you map out a timeline of how your face progressed and reacted? I think that would be really helpful to me -- I can't bear the thought of having to face clients looking like