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  1. Do not use Bactrim. You say you are seeing a holistic doctor to help you and then ask whether it's a good idea to take another extremely potent prescription drug?
  2. My cortisol levels revealed the same thing for my adrenals. For a while I was taking Adrenal support and I'm now starting another. I think it helped maintain better energy levels. My sleep schedule is messed up too though, admittedly. Will you be supplementing glutathione? This whole methylation talk is quite interesting.
  3. Good luck with that... I look forward to hearing of your recovery Anonyy may come off as very frank and harsh sometimes, but he has provided a lot of valuable information here. I for one find it pretty cool that he IS willing to 'fight' to help others. Through basic searching and reading one could find plenty of research to back up his claims too. Definitely find him to be an asset to the community.
  4. I feel like whenever I vape I get bloated/intestinal inflammation. I mean I feel good during, but can't say it's helping much overall. If anything I just feel more lethargic and less motivated to maintain the health routine I was in. I wonder if you're experiencing same as me. When I vape I find my sexual side effects go to back to how I was when I crashed (abysmal), then the next day I rebound to better than previously. However, I was actually coming on just to post about my GI issues.
  5. I feel like whenever I vape I get bloated/intestinal inflammation. I mean I feel good during, but can't say it's helping much overall. If anything I just feel more lethargic and less motivated to maintain the health routine I was in.
  6. I believe I have both as well. Not sure to what degree though since it's all relative.
  7. I have had trouble tanning after tane as well. Never really get very dark despite enough exposure. From what I've read most with post tane side effects didn't really benefit form hyaluronic acid.
  8. Because the skin is the third kidneys, where toxins are expelled (acne), plus accutane destroy it, so toxins + accutane damage are long to restore cause we first need to detoxify enough & permit the body to repair with physiological nutrient. All of that takes times, most of times years. You should stop conventional soap too, full of irritant & toxic chemicals, almost impossible to repair the skin with those. Pseudotumor cerebri = brain congestion, grains (specially wheat as always)
  9. Apparently some have actually tested positive for automimmunes like lupus or sjogrens. I had symptoms that seemed like they fit with nearly all of them, but I had a complete autoimmune panel run on my blood and everything came up negative. I even had a lip biopsy done for sjogrens, which also came up negative. If you have the time/money, I believe it's important to get the tests done if for nothing else than your own peace of mind, and at most because you may actually have one or (potentially) m
  10. You say you "had" it. What did you do to recover or lessen the side effects such as the sores? Also I have had difficulty swallowing for a couple years now. Throat always feels clenched. Could this be a sign of parathyroid tumors and thus hypoparathyroidism?
  11. Has anyone ever looked into the connection between accutane and lupus? I've exhibited a lot of symptoms of lupus. One that bothers me lately is frequent, paintful sores inside my nose/nostrils. My nose can become inflamed and it's really uncomfortable. I see that's a symptom of lupus too. I do exhibit the rest of them as well. Otherwise I suppose winter dryness is the more likely explanation. Reactions to food or gut problems related? Any good remedies for nose sores? hah edit: d
  12. Thanks for your thoughts. I agree there are still some things on the list I need to eat in moderation. I'm happy to say my gut and GI system are doing much better lately. I've come a long way with what I used to consume and what I do now. So the change has been very fast, but still a gradual transition. When you mention "well prepared" nuts, what do you advise I do? Should I soak them? Is there anything I didn't mention in my list that you would suggest I look into? I've stayed away
  13. Good to hear! I guess it's always reasonable to be wary since there are many theories on what foods can cause more problems for post-accutane sufferers. I will be getting a large food panel allergy test soon and some new blood tests. So maybe it will reveal some food intolerance. After all, I am allergic to quite a few things (grasses, weeds, trees, dust, mold, cats). I will surely update my findings once it's done. Thanks for the support. Good advice man. From what I know goat's milk is
  14. What do you guys think about goat cheese being permissible? I don't eat any cow dairy but I do have natural goat cheese from time to time. Also seems like eggs may be a controversial food to have? Right now my diet consists mainly of: -fruits & veggies -nuts and nut butters -dried fruits & berries -mushrooms -eggs -occasionally grass fed beef -plant protein -fresh juices & wheat grass Among a few other things of course. Coconut oil and apple cider vinegar are also