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  1. This is to anyone who suspects they may be allergic to Bare Minerals (more specifically to Bismuth Oxychloride), please STOP using the product immidiately… dry and sensitive skin can be the start of a delayed allergic reaction. No product is worth risking you health… allergies can last a life-time so do not provoke it. I just recovered from a year of dealing with severe allergy which is medically proven to be caused by this product… I only used the blush and very little of it… The recovery
  2. I am very glad to hear you are doing ok. Try taking your medication with fish oil (I use salmon but can be other oil). I found that I was able to reduce my dose further as it improved the performance of the drug.
  3. I would personally start with 10mg every day and once the skin is clear I would drop. Take some fatty acids or fish oil with it to improve the performance of Roaccutane. Try it on a low dose and see how you go with your bones and seek medical advice for your wriste if you need to.
  4. My opinion is yes. I would start with 10mg every other day and reduce from there. Also try to reduce the number of hours you have Differn on your skin as the medication takes effect.
  5. Hi Alas, Yes I do have some advice as I have been on this drug for a decade now. My recommendation is as follows (but please consult your doctor): Take the required dose to clear your skin. Gradually drop the dose. Remember that the frequency in low dose long term treatment is more important than the dose. That is 10mg daily is better than 40 mg every 4 days. So definitely opt for the 10mg capsules and try to see how far apart you can take them before you start breaking out again. For m
  6. Thank you. That is very sweet. I am certain that no dairy will have an impact.
  7. Hi there, have a look at my posts. I think you might find the info useful.
  8. I can not believe I am typing this post. After almost two decade of acne and one decade of Roaccutane my acne is finally almost gone. The culprit was milk. Yes, I know, can hardly believe it? I am not sure if it is milk, the hormones in milk or the chemicals in their diet. I have been off milk for nearly 6 weeks now + 4 weeks off all meds. I have zero body acne and my face is 85% clear. This is bitter and sweet victory. I have been through everything and it was the simplest thing that was
  9. I use L'Occitane's Velvet Fluid SPF40+ which I just noticed has more titanium dioxide than zinc oxide, and UV Natural SPF30+ this one has 245mg/g Zinc Oxide.
  10. I have been on Roaccutane for a decade and must say once I am off meds for a few weeks my skin becomes a lot thicker again. Not sure if it is as thick as before I went on Roaccutane but I guess it is thick enough for me not to be too concern. The skin does become thin and weak on Roaccutane because the oil and moisture is reduced out of skin surface. This is why you must take good care of your skin while on Roaccutane.
  11. I have been noticing this for a while, but now that I am off the meds it has become very aparent to me that when I have a breakout wearing sunscreen for 24 hours straight seems to reduce the inflamation and subside the acne. I am not the type who pays too much attention to things like this but this didn't escape me. Personally I can't think of any other reasons for this other than the hight concentration of Zinc Oxide in my sunscreens. I am very tempted to try this by staying off meds and w
  12. Yes I do. I think it is meant to dry the skin. I also noticed reduction in hair growth on the body, while I am on this I need to wax my legs less frequently.
  13. Talk to your dermo about going on a low dose treatment. That might ease up the mood-swings and still be very effective. Have you by any change started taking the pill when you started Roaccutane? If this is the first time you are taking the pill, then there is a very real chance it is the pill and not Roaccutane. Just a thought.
  14. In my opinion 20 mg a day is not really low dose. That is a good place to start but if you are going to be on this long term you need to be on a much lower dose.
  15. Hi! I am Shana from Abilene, Tx. I am 33 years old and have suffered with acne since I was 13. My husband is military, so we move around the country a lot. My skin tends to break out worse in hot/humid climates. I finally got tired of looking at myself in the mirror every day wanting to cry and never wanting to leave the house in the summer time. I had been watching Dr. Neal's vidoes on YouTube and decided to give it a try, eventhough it was very expensive. I did EXACTLY as the manual sai