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  1. you're very pretty! I hope accutane is what you've looking for. Good luck hun!

  2. Hi everyone, usually you here of amazing results. I'm not one, I still have 6 active cysts on my face and one on my neck I'm still oily as hell and not dry enough. Life never stops being shitty. I'm off accutane in less than a month, good luck to those who are beginners because you'll need it. 80mgs a day. 19/f
  3. HEY YOU. I havn't posted in a hot minute. But my acne has improved a lot but I still have blackheads whiteheads but overall my cysts are flat! So I guess they arnt cysts anymore! but here comes the redness..... Overall I'm sort of satisfied but I'm a very impatient person =)
  4. It could be better, cysts are not swollen but I have 5 active cysts, also I have no dry skin whatsoever on my face. I'm totally wondering if its going to work for me. meh

  5. Oh, pretty good!

    I'm just waiting for these red marks to fade....

    I still have a few actives, like 3. But they're drying up.

    So yeah, so far, so good!

    How are you coming along?

  6. HEY how is your journey comming? I havn't spoke to you in a couple months...

  7. I'm doing great, accutane is slowly but surely working. thanks for the comment hot stuff

  8. I havn't updated in a good while. I am in the middle of my 2nd month, but it seems my cysts are becomming different, and not in a good way. They will stick around for weeks, they are hard and are without heads....just like cysts. I need advice from someone because my face is not dry at all I never feel the need to put moisterizer on even though everyone rants about it while on accutane. But im OILY!!!!! My lips are chapped and i have dry elbows, great. I'm loosing hope. bye
  9. I totally feel you on the pimple in the ear while on accutane, im on my 2nd month at the moment. and yeah the pimple in the ear was interesting.
  10. I've noticed that I feel hungover the next day after having a couple drinks. I am on accutane 60mg/day. This is my expirience.
  11. This is day 19 I have suddenly became crusty over the last couple of days..I've been waiting for this patiently! As far as an IB goes, everything that has already existed just became larger and very inflammed. Which leads me to think since I broke out in large cysts in the matter of weeks I had my IB even before accutane, atleast I hope so!!! I have this hard cyst on the corner of my chin that has not even showed it wants to come out and play but no new cysts are on my cheeks!!! Side effects:
  12. You all won't believe what I did last night! I went clubbin! It was so nice to bite the bullet and accept that this is going to be a long 6 months but how many people do you see in a club with acne?! NO ONE I stand for you reading this who may be suffering with acne because last night at the club I danced for all people who are hurting from this disease. I would show you pics of me dancing on the bar buttttt no. sorry. hahaha. But an update on my acne, it's not getting better. I'm almost 3 we
  13. Yes the headaches have gone away! Thanks for the good luck!!