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  1. now that im off accutane, when can i start eating vit A products or using BP products?
  2. since i started taking accutane my hair got thinner because of te drying effect i guess, will it go back to normal after im done tane? plz respond,, no one ever responds to my posts
  3. im on like my third month of accutane, and i noticed my hairs thinner than it used to, will this go away after im done??
  4. which one is better for people have mild breakouts, i have a few bumps on my skin so what type of shaving would be better? the electric ones, or just a blade one.. thanks in advance
  5. whats better for for ur face? (theres some active pimples on me) should i use a regualr blade and cream? or the electric shavers.. thanks in advance
  6. how much fat should i consume with my accutane pill? someone please help really,,, ill send them 5 dollars via pay pal if u do!
  7. i heard you should take the pill with a meal that has some fat.. can anyone give me a number? how many g of fat i need for it to properly work? thanks in advance,, please post!!
  8. since im on accutane now, can i use jojoba on my hair? i heard it makes it nice and moisturized, do i just dump it on my dome?? lol plz help
  9. can i exfoliate once in a while on accutane? some say no, some say yes... helpz
  10. what did you do to keep your hair from drying out and all? and keepin it healthy please respond!!!
  11. i totally forgot i cant drink while on tane, i only had about 4 shots of vodka, will i be OK? what should i do?.. :{
  12. i totally forgot i coulnt drink while im on accutane, i had like 4 shots of vodka total will i be OK? what should i do? any help would be awsome.. thanks