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  1. I get that I look like Julia Lewis in Natural Born Killers a lot. I remember an old boyfriend of mine once told me, "I am dating a natural born killer!" He wanted to make out on the hood of a car. . . I think he was a masochist.
  2. Yea I started getting neck acne just this year. It is horrible! It is because I finally broke the habit of resting my hands on my face but now I am using my neck! So just in case that is why you are breaking out there, the best solution is to stop putting our hands there! It really sucks because there has been a few incidents where people would think it was a hickie. How embarrassing.
  3. I have been suspecting for a long time now that pillows and blankets have been causing my breakouts. So I decided that I needed a buffer to be between my face and my pillow so I went to wal-mart and the only night time mask like thing I found was Neutrogena's clear pore treatment. I bought it cynically but I have been using it for two months now and started seeing results in the first two weeks. I can't believe how well it is working!! Yeah! I think it is the night mask of course, but I also thi
  4. I remember when I frequented this board more often over the summer & some people would once and a while say that they wonder if anyone ever comes back to the board after their face has cleared up. . . YEAY here I am! Well at least I hope I am not celebrating too early. . . . that would suck, but my face is clearer than it has ever been in the past 10 years!!! WOW! Except when i was on accutane or for an occasional summer where my face would really clear up and I would get really excited onl
  5. When I came back from visiting Costa Rica (that is, eating fresh meats, fruits, and vegetables) I was virtually flawless. I have been trying to decide what it was. It could not have been the sun, because I lived in Florida and I was on the beach a lot there too. Maybe it was the fresh air? Maybe it was less stressful? Or maybe it is because their food lacks all the crap that is crammed into our food. I do know that I started to break out again after my return. & now I am back to my old broke
  6. I once had my boyfriend ask me to tell him something I had never told anyone before. Being a pretty open person there is not a whole lot out there, and even some of the most unpleasant things I have confessed to at least one person. I don't remember what I ended up telling him, but I do remember what I DIDNT tell him, something that I have never confessed to anyone, ever. Until now. So here it goes. I am a picker. Not only am I a picker, I enjoy it. I really do. It is like scoring goals when
  7. Ugh. I know exactly what you mean! & as far as getting an accurate report goes, I think that is impossible, because it is all in your head. And how bad it looks sometimes depends on where it is positioned on your face. But, this is what I do. I pick a mirror and lighting that makes my acne look not so bad. & I don't care how my face looks as long as it looks good (relatively speaking of course) to me. As long as I can leave my house thinkin', "Hey, I think it is really clearing up!" Tha
  8. Oh, & I think that was the first time I EVER mentioned my bad skin to them and have known them for a year now. :ph34r:
  9. Um, yeah, those are funny. But not funny haha, more like funny. . . tragic. Someone above mentioned that I don't have a problem making light of my acne. That isn't exactly true, I guess I don't but the thing is, I haven't really. But I did do it today- My friends from college came to visit me, & they saw that my bathroom had a sky light, & one of my friends said, "Oh, I wish had I skylight in my bathroom." I said, "Yeah, I guess it is cool if you don't have bad skin." Then my other fr
  10. I have an online journal through livejournal.com & I was wondering if anyone else here does & if so if you wanted to add eachother to our friends list. I think it would be cool to meet some people from this board & learn more about eachothers daily lives. Private message me, or put your username in below. & we can switch! :ph34r:
  11. Okay, I don't know if this exists but if it doesn't, it should. I want to find a moisturizer, shine control, acne fighting, spf sunscreen all in one. If it can do my College Algebra homework too it would be an added bonus, but not a requirement. Let me know if you know of such a product. Thanks!! :ph34r:
  12. Or maybe a joke where you try to recruit people to go on a trip with you to the north pole, by following the star chart you have strategically plotted on your face.
  13. I'm down! Great idea, and they say it is good for the skin too. I've noticed that when I work out my face does seem to clear up a little, and it certainly makes me feel better about my appearance. :ph34r:
  14. Believe me, all of us here can relate to you. & acne really won't ruin your life. Don't believe the fallacy that the teenage age years are the best years of your life! Any 50 year old I ask wish they were back in their college days. Everyone I know only has highschool horror stories. I was grounded for a whole semester once (and they stuck to it too!) and believe me, it wasn't because I had acne. One positive thing I contribute to having bad acne in high school is that, if I didn't I wou