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  1. Day 57 ?? My skin is looking pretty good! A week ago I got my wisdom teeth taken out, all four of them...and that sucked! Nothing like getting my wisdom teeth taken out to make my lips crack even more! I stopped taking my pills for 4 days surrounding that because I didn't know if it would be dangerous to take accutane when they put you to sleep. But I haven't gotten any new pimples from doing that, hooray! A cluster of black heads popped up on my left cheek, but they're hard to notice, so thank
  2. Hey you are making good progress! I am doing the low-dose thing too, and I have to agree with you that it is definitely the way to go! Our progress sounds the same, just as I think my skin is looking really good, I get a breakout! Good luck at the derm
  3. Day 42! Has it really been 42 days already? I barely believe it! My skin is looking pretty good, that last breakout is gone, but of course there are still the residual spots. I actually could stand my reflection in my car mirror yesterday! And I'm really holding off the booze, so that probably helps alot. I have one noticable on my left cheek, but it looks like it's just inflamed skin. Maybe it will be gone tomorrow morning. Like I said, red spots where some used to be, but they don't look all
  4. i would be very frightened if i had to let somebody extract things from my face.. that just sounds scary! good luck! low does accutane sounds like a good idea, it works for me. and i have read in different places where accutane has helped rosacea and seb derm, probably somewhere on these tane logs! i dont know why your derm wouldnt let you try it
  5. thank for all the words of encouragement! phew! it's good to know i'm not gonna start growing a beard or something. some strange things to report. i've gotten some wrinkles on my forehead. one is really big and the others aren't as noticable. does accutane give you wrinkles? would it be dangerous to use a wrinkle cream while on it? i think it would probably be ok but i was just wondering if anyone else did it. i'm only 19, so i really dont want these wrinkles. also when i relax my back muscle
  6. Day 28 I think my skin just keeps improving...! I messed up though, I didn't take my pill friday or saturday because i wanted to drink, then this morning i had 1 new pimple on my left cheek. I popped it right out, though, and now I can barely tell there was a pimple there. Before that, I don't think I had gotten a new pimple in over a week! Still white bumps but less than before. I did a face mask a few nights ago and it really helped with the bumps, but I had to apply lots of moisturizer after
  7. Day 20! Finally for the first time since I've started taking accutane, I've started to realize the difference in my skin! I keep catching myself in mirrors and thinking, "Wow, i look pretty today.." but now i realize how much better my skin has gotten. Yesterday my best friend turned and looked at me and said "Oh paisly! Your skin is looking so much better! I can just see all the spots fading away!" She knows I'm on some kind of pill for my acne, but she doesn't know it's tane. Bad news, thoug
  8. man, good luck with your course! I am on my first course of accutane, low dose as well. Also, I keep drinking, but reading your first post gave me the boost i needed to actually stop. So I hope everything works out good for you!
  9. Good luck! Drinking lots of water helps with the painful drying, for me at least
  10. Day 17 Ho hum! my skin was looking pretty good 4 days ago, no new ones, but then i kind of broke out. I dont know if it's because it's that time of the month or i'm getting some kind of IB, but i have 3 noticables on my left cheek and 1 on my right with two scab/scars. Some little bumps here and there. Overall a noticable improvement from when I started and was talking about getting 12 new ones in one night! I think my scars are even starting to clear up and the brown spots seem to even be fadi
  11. update! day 8 i forgot to take my pill yesterday, so i took it today, but today i was going to start taking 20mg a day anyway. WOW have my lips been dry! but i don't know if it's because I accidentally burned my lips with a lighter a few days ago. My lips are always dry, i use chapstick religiously, but yesterday i used a rediculous amount AND drank water constantly and they are still feeling dry. my skin looks absolutely radiant on the parts that dont have acne...but i have 2 huge ones on my le
  12. thanks! it's day 3 and i took my 2nd pill about an hour and a half ago. Maybe I'm just imagining things, but yesterday I noticed that my face looked less red than usual! There's no way it would work that fast, right? Two tiny whiteheads popped up on my nose, which is unusual because its usually all blackheads there. Also got some raised bumps around my jawline, but nothing serious. I hung out with this boy I really like yesterday, and he said he would come over again today. That and all my fina
  13. WOW! After an eternity of waiting, today is the DAY! I took my first pill about 1 hour ago, so nothing to report besides the fact that I started. Got birth control, too, so hopefully that will aid in the process as well. My face looks a mess, and of course i got new pictures for viewing displeasure. the right - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v136/Rol...Derby/right.jpg the left - http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v136/Rol...oDerby/left.jpg uggggggggg! And to pleaseoplease, thank you. I compl