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  1. i drink it and apply it topically it works good, its nowhere near as gross as people think, as long as you eat healthy and drink plenty of water the urine will be fine i was just wondering i saw the list of ingredients and it has various minerals and amino acids but wouldn't you need to ingest the minerals and what not before it comes out in your urine, or does most urine contain the same things
  2. There was a special about this diet on tv, some native people are doing it to loose weight and cure diseases its pretty interesting
  3. sunlight is the best way for you to get vitamin D and if you thnk about it all living things need the sun to live so embrace it, don't be in it too much but a good direct 15 minutes a day should be fine
  4. i don't think mine are white heads, i read something about the white bumps which are actually your skin healing it self, they protect against infection and waht not, i feel no inflamation in mine they're just there, i may be wrong though
  5. you should stop using all those harsh products, once you stop your acne will be back even worse, using all these harsh topicals weaken the skin and once you stop your skin will have no defence against acne
  6. the point of this diet is to get rid of acne though, everyones complaining about why or why it shouldn't work, if it gives results who cares, its meant to improve digestion
  7. yeahi tihnk i'll do that once a week, i've already noticed results from this, i love how people come post on here bashing the advice, i think they're just angry because we're spending no money and they're using like 10 different things night and day for their faces:P
  8. hey thats an awesome article by ron , i read it on bbing.com too i actually emailed him about my acne, he said fish is fine to eat and you should be eating fruits and vegetables, just fruits by themselves because they go rancid in the stomach he has a food combining chart
  9. make sure to take a vitamin supplement with fish oil because it oxidizes in the body
  10. Thank you so much for this, i've been looking for a natural way to clear acne, i've cleaned up my diet cutting out pop simple carbs and everything, drink 2 ltrs of water a day and didn't notice a huge change, what you said about the chemicles in products makes so much sense to me. I don't have acne on my back or chest at all my skin is perfect on the other parts of my body except my face. I was wondering with the baking soda scrub, i know its an exfoliator but would you advise not using it o