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  1. yeah accutane cleared up my face but didnt do anything for my back/chest acne yet
  2. I'm thinking about trying this out.. but which are we supposed to get for body acne? people have mentioned like 3 different products from Dail
  3. I've been having some lower back and ankle pain but I still am able to work out and do sports. I've gotten used to the lower back pain already so its not a big deal. GL
  4. First pill 11:00am Second pill 11:00pm 40mg am 40mg pm take it with fatty foods clearing up but have scars
  5. alright thanks, i'll give it a shot. Do you use all the juice in it or just some?
  6. I heard vitamin E can help make scars/red marks less visible, so is it ok to try this out while on Accutane, or should I wait till I'm finished? If so, do I only apply it to my scars or my whole face?
  7. So Sotret is fine right? Thats what Im taking currently.
  8. Yep, I actually have one right now on the left of my lips. But my acne is slowly fading so Im happy =)
  9. I've always felt that i would be somewhat attractive without my acne and scars Im just praying that Accutane and my scar treatments do their work
  10. My derm suggested I get my acne scars removed after I'm fully cleared and done with my Accutane course. How long do I have to wait post Accutane to have the scars treated? Also, we didn't talk much about it but what do they do exactly to get rid of the scars? Something with lasers? Does it hurt and does it work also how long does the area of your face stay red? (btw my worst scars are on my temples and some on my cheeks, but I dont think they are the "icepick" kind)
  11. I don't know it all. But I know Accutane. I hope you enjoy your course ;) Remember to eat a meal high in fat while you take it so it is more soluble and works better.