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  1. Ah thanks pinkunicorns, do you know what I didnt even think of that lol! Its either the Tane's gone to my brain, or Im just REALLY not used to this moisturising lark lol! I will definetely try to do it 3-4 times daily then, if I remember, and stick with the aqueous. Do you not think highly of the emu oil then? I'd heard so much good about it on here that I got a little pot of it on ebay to try, but doesnt seem to be doing much at the moment tbh! xx
  2. DAY 41 Well, its been a bit of a bad week this week and my side-effects are worsening The skin on my forehead is dry and scaly, the outside of my nose is peeling and the inside is a constant bloody mess. I have a terrible rash on both hands and it is now beginning to show up on my hips too for some strange reason! My lips are dry ALL the time, and are now cracked and split at the sides. And to top it off I am now suffering a breakout of cysts along my jaw (thought I'd got away with it for too
  3. I have actually lost a few pounds since i started (just over a month ago) and I think this is down to the fact I drink sooooo much water, about 3 litres a day, and dont ever feel as hungry! Might be something for you to try, dehydration is often mistaken for hunger.
  4. Just a thought, but probably because drugs are illegal and shouldnt be condoned by anyone at any time, let alone when on a potentially toxic acne drug!!? What an insane question to ask, just go without!
  5. DAY 32 Hey, well another week has passed and still going well, went to the derm 4 days ago for my next "supply" and my dose has now been upped to 55mg (why they couldnt just make it 60 I have no idea!) per day. My skin is now drying out pretty heavily, though not on my face just everywhere else, hands especially! And I have noticed I cut myself so easily these days, I have 4 different cuts on my hands which I couldnt even tell you where they came from! My nose and lips are still very dry and t
  6. Hey ChapinaCutie, just updated my log and thought I'd check in with you to see how you're getting on! Sorry to hear about your lack of pills, but at least you're staying dry hey! The eyes are a killer arent they, I'm sure people think I'm on something illegal, I have that glazed red-eyed look constantly lol! Hope you are well, you're sounding positive which is great, keep in touch! Amy
  7. Thankyou so much for your tips and well-wishing! I will definetely try the vaseline up the nose altagirl, gosh the things we have to do hey!! Anything for a bit of relief though. I already use sensitive toothpaste so think I'm just gonna have to switch my toothbrush to a soft bristled one and see if that works!
  8. DAY 25 Hi to all, hope you're well! This week has been a bit of a sore one, my goodness I am drying out EVERYWHERE! Face, lips, inside nose (really painful!!), and legs when I shave them! Still this all has to be good right?! Can anybody tell me what to stick up my nose to help the dryness? Sometimes its so sore I cant even smile! My gums seem to be quite sensitive aswell, have to brush and floss gently or they bleed. Still have the little rash on my hand but moisturizing keeps it at bay. And a
  9. DAY 18 Hi Stacey, I'm still here haha but you're right, have been soooo busy as kids are off school! Hope things are good your end? Well, this Accutane really seems to be kicking in now, have got majorly dry patches on my forehead and around my nose, in my nose too and had my first nose bleed a couple of days ago. I also seem to be getting the famous Tane rash on the back of my hands, slightly raised red bumps, which I've been moisturising like crazy! My skin is looking good but bad if that m
  10. I tried Retin-A for 3 months but to no avail, if anything it made my acne worse as the oil I had was obviously over-compensating for the dryness. Its worth a go for you though, the only side effect i had was peeling, you have nothing to lose and I had a friend that swore by it, proof that everyone's different!
  11. DAY 11 Well lucky old me caught the sickness bug so had to skip taking a tablet on day 7, just couldnt keep anything down! Hope this doesnt affect the course! So whats been happening, well my lips are sooooo dry and my bottom one is even swollen, the carmex is now going on every half hour, looked into Aquaphor ChapinaCutie but think its something you only get in the States, will have to see if theres an alternative over here! Also my skin is starting to go really dry and flaky, especially on t
  12. Thanks ChapinaCutie, just realised how bad that photo is, looks like i have a MASSIVE head on a tiny neck lol, I'll try and get a better one next time... DAY 6 Well my goodness, where on earth did these dry lips come from??! Talked that up didnt I, yesterday they were fine, today they are bleeding all over the place!! So now I'm using Carmex and Vaseline and apply roughly every hour. Not alot else has changed, feel so tired but that could be because I had a rough night again! I think after tom
  13. Hi there and thanks for posting on my log, just been reading yours, you seem so mature for 15! I think you are doing the right thing by going on Accutane while you are young and your acne is mild/moderate to make your body snap out of it, i wish to God i had, i may have escaped the hideous scarring i have today! Sorry to hear about the effects you've been having though, i too feel a little nauseous when i take my tablets but im not sure if its the Tane or whether i'm just excited coz its another
  14. Thanks Stacey and Char, your support is most welcomed! I will definetely keep aquaphor in mind but my lips are pretty ok at the moment. DAY 5 I am soooooo thirsty today its unreal! Got through 2 litres of water already and its only 11:30 am lol! I have also noticed that when standing near a heater for 5 minutes or so my skin goes bright red, does this mean I'm more sensitive to heat? God and summers coming, whatever will I look like, a beacon with acne lol! Feel pretty good overall though and
  15. Hi Char thanks for posting on my log, yeah it will be very interesting to see how we both get on, we even have our acne in the same place! My derm said she was going to up my dose after the first month touch wood if I get on ok, is this the same for you or are you sticking to 30mg? I am also going to be on it for an extra month. I know what you mean when you talk about waking up and worrying about your appearance, its constantly on my mind too and when talking to people i tend to cover my mouth