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  1. Search my posts here.. I'd highly recommend using the Caribbean Sun Box. It's a strong light, small size, reasonably priced. You have to get the right bandwidth of light, right intensity, and right amount of daily exposure for the therapy to work and I've found CSB is the best of all worlds. I did a lot of research pre-purchase and found this was the best bang for the buck. I've had great success. PS - I used the CSB for about 10-12 minutes a day at first. now i'm down to 5 or 8.
  2. It works wonders for me. I have the CSB. used for 3 months. Never tried the rest of the devices. Stick with it. I use it with Differin which possibly helps sensitive my skin to the box. It's the only thing that has ever worked for me. I've used accutane a bunch and every thing else under the sun. acne always comes back. this has taken away my oily skin, clear my acne, killed the deep cysts on my chin and I feel like I've finally found the regimen that I can use till I'm an old man and
  3. Hey guys. I've been a member of this board for a while and I've tried a bunch of different stuff but finally found the combo that has me 95% clear. I've been off the board for months, like many who are "cured" do, but wanted to come back to share my success: I've used Accutane multiple times over the last 15 years. Each time a few months of succcess then slow regression. Antibiotics + retin a / differin in between all accutane cycles with mild success but nothing great. The deep cysts on m
  4. Sorry i have not seen a side by side comparison on light intensity - has anyone done this. I just took the return rate to be the best guage. also called owner and he said it reaches the 10k lumens outlined in the study (for the CSB)
  5. So I've done some research on the blue / red light therapy products and wanted to share to save you guys the trouble. First, my conclusion on lots of reviews is that they do work but it really does take the full trial period to get the great results and may not be better even after 1.5 months - give it 3 - esppecialy if you're starting w/ active acne. This is in no means meant to bash a product - but I share the facts alone. I called a few of the companies selling the lamps and their distri
  6. The ocean has always made my skin 100% clear when i go on vacation for a week - even without much sun. I've wanted to try a sea salt like soak daily at home b/c i don't live near an ocean Unfortuantely, 10-30 minutes a day for a soak is too much time for me to spend... Has anyone found a good sea salt facial wash that they can leave on for a few minutes in shower Has anyone found a good sea salt based moisturizer they can leave on after shower Maybe we should try to make our own sea salt
  7. some areas of face need different types of treatment..... more on this below and I think it could help you to target your treatments differently in some areas. i'm doing dkr on chin and first signs are good. Moderate to severe adult acne myself. in in late 20s. accutane / differin / antibioitics i've used it all last 10 yrs with some periods of clairty always to revert back to severe and needing a low dose round of accutane. 4x tane user to be exact. currently off a low dose 5 month accu
  8. I really appreicate this blog. tremendously helpful. I've been a decade long acne suffer myself. two high dose accutane rounds and two low dose rounds in that time. had periods of clearness but always result of antiobiotics. which are now no longer as effective. I started differin .3% 3 months ago when i dropped my last round of accutane -- and started antiobiotics 2 wks ago to help keep away cysts that are creeping back. This combo has been doing a decent job but the deep cysts on my chi
  9. any recommendations on a good holistic doc or nutrionalist for stubborn ance in nyc? been on accutane a few times - keeps coming back strong after a few months ready to try something new. thanks
  10. It's most likely a mild initial break out. I tried to poll a few times how many people got an IB going on diff / ret a after accutane but didn't get much of a response. most people who did reply (3) said no IB but a little purging like your experiencing. how bad is it? what does of tane were you on, for how long, and what is your weight?
  11. Curious... finishing up a round of accutane and will need maintenance post treatment. I've used low-dose accutane before and acne came back about 3 months later. Will differin cause an initial breakout post accutane? Doc is suggesting we wait 1 month post accutane to use. I have used differin before and it works well but always causes an IB for a few months for me. for those who have used accutane then differin 1 to 3 months after, what was your result?