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  1. It is your life, but it is not your decision I'm afraid. If I were your dermatologist I would not give it to you, even if you kidnapped my cat and held him for Isotretinoin ransom. The reason: It is too dangerous and I would be considered negligent: not to mention it would weigh on my conscience if something bad were to happen. Also, you don't even need Isotretinoin to achieve perfect skin: a bit of of Vitamin A would do the trick. And, guess, what low dose long term Vitamin A can do - life
  2. Dear crystalia: Thanks for the info. I totally understand your anxiety to get on low dose. Im the same. I just popped my 1st low dose about a week ago. I have so far taken about 30mg and would be popping another 10mg tonight. I dont know if things would ever look up for me though. Now im like having tons of red bumps with heads or pus in them especially at my jaw area.. I wonder if my dosage can be upped to at least 10mg everyday?? Oh well.. i guess im just owrried that it wont work for ... i th
  3. They shouldnt have to beg. If nothing works, but accutane does. Then why make people go through the trauma, the anxiety, the low confidence - just because.... your dermatologist gets paid by other people? Low dose accutane has not had any firm studies done. Roche is covering their ass, since nothing has been done over here. Lots of european countries use low dose, and dont even use high dose. Rosacea is also another use for low dose accutane - to some rosacea would be considered mild. I'm not
  4. He is a dermatologist, and, you are a lay person. There is a reason why chemotherapeutics aren't handed out for mild or moderate acne, or, on indefinite runs, despite protestations by lay persons to the contrary. Even the boffins at Roche don't condone that. Unfortunately, its my life. Its my choice. I know the risks, I'm aware. So I think, at the end of the day - I should have the right to have clear skin. The medical world is very bias. Example: we move, and the dr my mom had had fo
  5. I'm on the same as you. I have been off of it for almost 2 months now. I made a dermatologist apt on the 25th and he basically said my skin was not bad enough. I beg to differ. Anyway, my skin started getting bad and I called his office - pretty much harrassing him. I mean, who are you to tell me my skin isnt bad enough for Accutane? I kno what works - i'm 22 why should I start experimenting. Needless to say, he didnt give it to me. He gave me minocycline (which I later googled to have even wors
  6. MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I have been. I love it. I dont have to change my lifestyle or anything. Party, dance do everythign normal. My skin is clear and oil is GONE! Best hair I've ever had on it too. I'm actually going to my NEW dermatologis tomorrow, to explain the benefits of low dose accutane, outweight the side effects of topical stuff like tazorac. I'm 100% supporter of accutane. Ivwe been on it for 10 years now, low dosage. Not being on the 10mg, and having bad skin makes me uber
  7. People would call me a bar star - or well I was.. I'm as social butterfly as it gets. I've grown out of it a bit;) I do everything a normal person does, play soccer, tan, drink, camp you name it. Keep in mind everyone is different, and being aware of your body is key. I dont take it everyday, and my dose is at 10mg - I love it. One less stress to worry about, and more cost effective than all this topical crap they make you pay for. No thanks!!
  8. 40/mg everyday for 1 year. 10mg/twice a week - 9 years. I am mixed, and tan very quickly. My skin has a mix of clogged pores, and cystic acne on my cheeks. I've been on Accutane for so long. I'm atheltic, I club, I run, I tan. I'm all around healthy, and definitely have not had side effects, maybe dry lips. I'm not saying that everyone can do this - but what I am saying is - ACCUTANE IS AMAZING!!! Theres nothing like having perfect skin... I've tried everything else. Accutane is always up to b
  9. Wow, I like that. They are really gorgeous. Simple, yet delicate. Really good idea. What are your other tattoos of? I know I'm already thinking of my second tattoo, haha .. it hurt so much though.. so I'll give it ahh at least 2 more years lol.
  10. Haha, well then make a forum on six years of accutane and talk about it. But I posted here for people talking about tattoos and piercings, with all the misconstrued information out there. I'm not on accutane anymore.. sooooo I dont really care how long I was on it. Neither should you. I dont have acne anymore...and No offense people like you make me so furious. Everyone has two cents about something. Just keep it on the topic of.. tattoos and piercings. I'm pumping blood, I'm breathing, I got
  11. thats quite an immature thing to say. You dont think my drs would allow me to take something for along time that would kill me.. do you? lol However, your taking away from the questions of the forum, by your off topic questions. Find a forum where people are trying to recieve smart remarks.. your in the wrong one man Hey Sarah, thats sweet. What are you going to get? Do you have a picture?
  12. haha sure? I have no idea. I've been on I had been on it for a long time. I figured it was easier to prevent scarring, and prevent pimples. Its like one less hassle.
  13. I'm not on accutane anymore I've been off of it since January.
  14. So it's been about 4 weeks now.. and my tattoo has healed perfectly. Hope everyone listens to their instincts and body. Make your decisions wisely. Have a great life:)