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  1. So you would have just sat there and took it like a pussy? Violence is the only language some people understand, anyway it was a fair trade: He inflicted mental pain upon me, I inflicted physical pain upon him. He's lucky it was his leg and not his eyeball that got stuck with the fork. I'm normally quiet and mild mannered, which is why people often under-estimate me, well he picked on the wrong guy this time, maybe he's learnt a lesson, maybe I'v saved him from taking a REAL beating some
  2. Mr K- I'v never been convicted of anything but he was badly busted up I'm sure I'm looking at some serious charges, that said it probably looked worse because of the blood, I havn't heard from the police yet so I guess thats a good thing, they'v had all day to come and get me. About the solicitor- I can only tell the truth anyway, there were so many witnesses.....
  3. So, I was at work this morning sat in the canteen eating my lunch and minding my own business, the radio was on as usual playing the usual cheesy pop songs that it usually plays when the DJ anounces that some crappy celebrity was now in the studio ready to be interviewed. He begins to ask her the usual bullshit questions, but I wasn't really taking any notice I was more interested in the hawian pizza that was sat on the table infront of me, but the dialogue went something like this: DJ-"So you
  4. Aswell as acne my hair is falling out at the tender age of 22 and has been since I was 19, I have psoriasis which is now 100% under control (that shit is 50 times worse than acne!!), I'm missing the top of my little finger and I have a huge scar across my arm and chest which is now covered by a tatoo, but its still visible up close.
  5. I havn't read the entire post because I don't have time but I'd just like to say that diet does effect MY acne I don't give a shit what the "experts" say. Avoiding certain foods though is just retarded, all you need is common sense, just eat a diet with plenty of fruit vegetables and protein also drink plenty of water. If you go about your day eating nothing but junk and guzzling 5 or six cans of coke a day then you are asking for it.
  6. I have simular scars to you polka or maybe a little worse and they really don't bother me atall, I'v never really understood why people get so upset over such minor imperfections, I'v never even given them a second thaught. I guess people get effected in different ways though. I mean no disrespect to you or anyone else but I think you should take a look around the galleries and get a look at some REAL acne scars, it will help you to gain some perspective. I really think you are obsessing too mu
  7. Yep,looks like I'll be going back to the beard trimmer, the only problem with those things and electric shavers is that you have to make sure it's sterile before and after use or you risk more spots. I don't think mine liked the anti-septic wipes very much though it broke down
  8. Seriously though, shaving with the wrong products/wrong way etc can seriously stop your acne from healing or make it worse, or in my case- make it come back! I never used to shave when I had really bad acne, I just used a beard trimmer to get the stubble effect, then when my acne cleared I thaught "hey, I can be clean shaven again" so I started shaving with a razor blade...... and my acne came back I'm POSITIVE it was caused by shaving.
  9. True, I have seen stranger topics in "Diet and Holistic Health" though!
  10. Well, how about it? This is a great site and I have found alot of very useful information about dealing with acne, but I would love to see a forum dedicated to shaving methods and products. Hey, I think it's only fair since the girls (and metro-guys) have got a make-up forum! I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that shaving is one of my main acne-related problems, I'd love to have a space to exchange idea's and find out about different products as the quest for the perfect shave goes on. I'm s
  11. Almost EVERYONE suffers with spots at some point in their life, that is not REAL acne though.