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  1. Hi I use Dessert Essence Moisturizer with Jojoba oil and aloe vera ... it's very good for acne prone skin as the ingredients are all non-acne forming :) I love it x

  2. i started ortho-tricyclen about 2 weeks ago. my face is clearing up alot...do you think this is from the medicine or just ironic?
  3. Mary Kay make-up brushes are very soft. I like them alot. You should try them.
  4. er!ka

    before accutane (with make-up)

    i start accutane april 29.
  5. what moisturizer do you use? i start accutane soon, im excited =)
  6. hi, im a freshman in high school and have had acne for 4 years... i'm starting accutane soon. im excited! =)
  7. er!ka


    I'm going to start accutane soon, but first I have to go on a birth control pill. I think I'm going to go on Yaz. My dermo said that the birth control pill will probably start to clear up my face. About how long does it take to start working? Also, what are the common side effects of this pill?