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  1. So after having bad acne during my teenage years I am left with some scars on the left side on my face. I have minor scars on my right side as well which don't really bug me. The ones on the left one are pretty bad though and noticable. First off, it would be very helpful if you could tell me what kind of scars these are because I always have a problem with distinguishing scar types. Also, I would appreciate if anybody with a similar degree of scarring and some experience with treatment could
  2. I'm one skinny dude and I couldn't have said it better. Ridicolous how ignorant people can be on such a message board.
  3. You have some rude people over there, haha. I never get comments from strangers about my skin, rarely from my family. Whenever i walk around in public or talk to somebody i can feel what they think though and that doesn't hurt any less.
  4. It started to become really bad when I was about 15-16 years old. Didn't have no real teenage years, really. I knew of a lot of guys who had bad acne and still went out every weekend and had a lot of friends but I couldn't, I wouldn't have enjoyed it. 21 today, almost no acne anymore but I still can't enjoy shit. I don't think i'm all that ugly but the left side of my face makes me look like batman's two-face.
  5. I'm in my 2nd year and i can relate. I completely messed up my first year, not taking one of my exams because I was down and in a fuck-it-all mood. The second year is going great so far, altough i haven't made any friends at uni, not even at the dormitory i live in. Being honest, i feel better that way right now. My acne is pretty much healed but the effects have pretty much fucked my appeareance and i can feel that people stare, but well, i try not to care and mind my own business.
  6. Mom told me i look good! Grandma too! Haha. Well i don't know, i never really got any compliments because of my looks. My bald-going english teacher told me he was jealous of my super strong hair, altough i use 20 tons of hair gel everyday. ... Uhm, actually i think dude was in love with me because of my perfect english .... really.
  7. i have the problem that i can't really say how worse my scars are. The right side of my face is pretty much scarless, the left side though drives me insane. When i am in a place with a mirror it pretty much depends on the light source. Standing right beneath a light source can make me look like freddy krueger altough i don't think that my scars are grave.
  8. Man this is haunting me too. The worst thing is that i am a mirror addict. Usually i checked myself in every mirror there was in a house 3-4 times before i leave the house. Today i just believe the mirrors that make me look good. It's not worth believing the other ones! It depends a lot on lighting and angles. I guess people see you differently in different light / angle. That's why i never stand/sit directly beneath a light source, haha.
  9. I'll go about once a month and I just hate the mirrors. Getting my hair washed would be horrible, i always do that at home before going to the barbarz.
  10. lighting and angle pretty much. I know how you feel, i look different in different mirrors too. Believe the mirrors that make you look good.
  11. Did she even say a thing? Damn. Guess I would've just keep talking to her, at least some more questions. You know, maybe she was just nervous or too suprised. Go for another try. Can't give you any support on the annoying girl, haha. Try to avoid her. Run away when she comes out of nowhere.
  12. Yeah, gyms are full of people who are showing off and only see themselves, haha. I used to go to the gym and didn't care either, it was too expensive though so i started to do some slight workout at home. edit: Also, i felt quite comfortable at the gym. I had some bad acne back than and felt more comfortable there than on the street. Never had the feeling anybody would be staring at me. In fact, many hardcore guys who use steroids have some bad (body) acne themself.
  13. I don't work out too much. I just do some sligh weightlifting every day, it doesn't have a big effect. I play basketball about any sunny day though. Thank god it's getting warm again.