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  1. I stopped visiting this site frequently but once in a while I still visit it. Even though I stopped posting, I felt that I needed to post because of what I'm going through as well. I'm Asian also. My acne started when I was 13 years old. I honestly thought that this was just a phase, and that it will go away on its own in a couple of years. I was completely wrong. However, I didn't let it bother me, in fact, I had the greatest of my life until I was 18. That's when everything went downhill. I
  2. My redmarks were terrible. Actually they were hyperpigmentation, red marks that eventually turn into brown marks and stays for a very long time. I tried literally everything that I can afford. Eventually I started using TCA peels, first it looked alright, not too bad or not too good. Then I upped the strength from 12.5% to 18.0%. Things looked a lot better after my first 18.0%, about 30-40% improvement. I was eager to do another TCA Peel at 18.0% and I rushed into it. Eventually, this was a very
  3. Okay, a little update from me, I've been taking colostrum for about a week now. So far, so good. I'm lactose intolerant but colostrum does not give me any problem when I take it. Also, I have IBS and it's gotten a lot better. As far as my acne, I have not gotten a single pimple for the last 5 days. I hope this keeps up. Only bad thing I can say about colostrum is dry skin (someone mentioned this earlier in this thread), but that might be from retinol .30% that I'm currently using. I'll post agai
  4. Joris, regarding your question on page 10, I heard that people with lactose intolerance will be fine with colostrum (it really depends on how big of dose you take). However, I can't remember the exact quote, people with milk allergy will have some trouble with colostrum. Ever since I found out that I was lactose intolerant, I've been avoiding dairy for the last 4-5 years. Pretty much anything related to dairy breaks me out, so I hope colostrum won't break me out but help me out instead. I'll s
  5. I'm going to order this tommorow, even though I've tried countless amount of supplements, I hope this is it (like every time). I just have a good feeling about this one because, it really seems to help with a lot of things that I have other than acne such as IBS. I've always had very weak stomach and nothing helped improve it. Although I'm about 80% free of acne, I hope this is the final nail in the coffin.
  6. I was writing something very long but you pretty much described everything that I've ever wanted to say about acne and how I feel about it. I really do feel exactly the same because I've done similar things as you, countless of researches, emptying out my family's money on supplements and body cleanse kits, restricting my diet completely, and more. I really. really feel like, once my face clears up completely, I can do everything that I desired to do and nothing will be able to stand in my way.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but, are you allowed to apply Tretinoin? I thought people who did accutane treatment weren't supposed to use things like that because of the thinning of their skin. I heard they're supposed to wait 6 months after the end of their accutane treatment to do anything like laser treatments, chemical peels, applying creams like retin-a, etc. So anyways, I don't suffer from scars (only hyperpigmentation) but I doubt the creams work for deep scars or even moderate scars. Though
  8. I'm really want to try this but, I really wanna know if Symbiotic is the best product. Is there any other products that you can recommend? And can you also explain why you choose Symbiotic over the other colostrum products except the fact that it saves money? Thanks a lot!
  9. I'm pretty sure asprin mask works because it has salicylic acid and I don' think advil or other medications have that.
  10. Use sudocrem!! Trust me it really works on healing pimples after they're popped. It gets rid of pimples as well. It's been like a godsend to me, you should really try to find it.
  11. I've used just hydroquinone years back but I didn't have any results. I actually wanted to try this ambi fade cream but I couldn't find it Canada but if you look around on internet, it has pretty good reviews.
  12. I would just apply clindamycin one day then the next day I would apply retin-a only. It should be still effective. You shouldn't really try to apply both at the same time or else you might irritate your skin. Personally, I've never used clindamycin but I've used retin-a with other AHA products like kojic acid and used exfoliant soap as well. It made my face RED like literally sun burnt, for at least a week. So just avoid irritating your skin.
  13. lol, my acne is too stubborn for niacin. niacin is good, dont get me wrong. i've been having good results with it but i still do get a cyst once in a while and i still got tons of stubborn blackheads and comedones. I think i'll just try both and see how it works out. If b5 fails, i might have to resort to accutane .
  14. Do you guys thinks I can incorporate B5 while I'm still using niacin? Or wold that be overloading my liver? Thanks.
  15. I'm going to try B5 soon, I ordered it already but I'm not gonna be megadosing on it. I read an article where it said taking L-Cysteine with B5 cuts down 90% of the dose you have to take with B5 alone. So, 0.5~1.5 grams of Cysteine and 1.5-2.5 B5 will suffice. I'm going to try it once it arrives, hopefully it comes soon.