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  1. lexapro did not work out for me, but wellbutrin worked great and my acne wasnt bad at all so i dont know if there is a coincidence or not
  2. i like girls with some acne even better cause from what i pick up on at this site the girls with acne arent shallow and know what its like
  3. sounds like you might have mono to me. for a job just apply to grocery stores, clothing stores at the mall...things like that usually hire people under 18
  4. theres actually a procedure that is covered by insurance where they botox your armpits, it lasts for like 3 months but i dont know where the sweat would end up coming out so you might wanna ask your derm
  5. i really started a hit with this thread they just just make a new message board about sex
  6. you know your like "sweet i wanna do these girls too". don't be shy. of course i do i just feel inadequate since i dont have a name like mr. BIGGER or anything
  7. What the hell?!!? hahahah i post this thing like an hour ago and its gone crazy since then.... give the girls some compliments and their ready to do porn.... ill remember that
  8. Anyone else notice that the girls on acne.org are beautiful? don't worry girls with or without acne your all hot!!
  9. Thought id bring a little solution to the message boards instead of more problems. Ampicillin + differin= clear skin that is what has worked for me and my skin is almost completely clear after 2 and a half months
  10. next time go up to them and be like "can i ask you a question?" then ask them something very clever and rude about their job and lives. even though this will make you as bad as them, it will sure feel good!
  11. i am not a religious person at all, but i am spiritual and i think that god created everything good and bad for the experience. how can someone know good without bad or true joy without pain and sadness. you have to have the bad to experience the good.
  12. tanning is the only thing i have found to make them not noticable, ive tried cocoa butter and shit but none of that worked. lots of people on this site say tanning is bad for acne though so i dont know what to do. i guess id rather have clear skin on my face then my arms