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  1. It depends on how you look at it. For me, its more to Prevent it than masking. Like one might use soap to wash hands (clearing bacteria etc), would still do tomorrow and tomorrow.
  2. Hi, not an answer but for discussion sake. There are cleansers and all that contains BP. They wash off at the end. The BP just cant go into the drain right? So the BP application once dried, should be IN. Then the moisture top-up. Thats what I felt...
  3. Me : Eucerin Hydro Protect spf 15 with non-shine matt pigment (whatever its called) btw, I assume oily and shine is one and the same thing right?
  4. Cetaphil Gentle. I have very oily skin, and needs to 'clean' a bit more than what Dan demonstrated on his super-short cleansing video. Cetaphil feels the same in any length of cleansing. I tried a few others while I travelled, but I need to clean them off fast, as they cause irritation.
  5. For me, I happened to use what seemed to be very foreign thing onto my skin initially. Some cleared, some flared. I continued with moderation, similar to your dosage, till I found that its tolerable. Like, till my skin-sensitivity drops. (more of being healed) Thereafter, in a month, the BP felt friendly and comfortable for increment. Flakiness came in much later. I look at it at from an angle of tolerance than supposed amount. Not sure if others look at it the same. Good Luck.
  6. Hi, I thought the same as you did. Wanted to skip the moisture-part, as the oil would still appear after a few hours. I didnt feel good after some consistent use of BP without moisture, even if I m having oily skin Later. Perhaps its my skin sensitivity. Just like it felt thirsty. If you are going to use bp regularly, you should need one. I think. Good Luck.
  7. Hey buddy, one reccomendation is stick to it ................ still when I started off, some parts cleared up instantly, some parts continued. After sometime I realise that those beneath needs time to surface. It doesnt hurt to continue.... as I think you would be satisfied with it overtime.
  8. First, thanks Dan for this informative site and the Regimen. I m happlily cleared of acne, apart for a little here and there in the areas that BP couldnt reach like near-nostrils etc. Now, I have 3 new challenges 1. Flaking, I think jojoba will fix that. 2. Enlarged pores, my pores seems Bigger n Bigger. The old ice-pick scars too. I m not sure if a cleared skin made those more visible. 3. Discolouring. Maybe you call it pigmentation. I see that my skin from the 3rd month onwards is getti
  9. I can understand the need to minimize irritation from excessive wash... but what about swimming? I guess the BP woouild have been washed away.... In chlorinated pool , it is DRY.... so moisturizing and maybe a light application of BP ? what do you guys think.
  10. Hi, I m no-expert in this.... but apparently, the 'washing-off' means you are using a BP-Cleanser. The Regiment's most important thing about BP, is the 2.5 % GEL....., not cleanser. btw I m using Benzac AC 2.5% for 3 weeks now, so far so good. There are huge lists of products and reviews found in this site. Good Luck.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion... Currently I modify the dailly routine on trial. I was using Cetaphil wash and Moisturizer (recommended to be non-clogging).... and do alot of Benzac AC 2.5%. Without Moisturizing, I felt good.. but it became a bit too dry after 2 days... lines appearing. Now, I dilute the moisturizer (applying it while face is wet after wash), then Do the BP. I got this idea when someone in this board says that he/she uses jojoba before BP. I guess BP-finishing helps to cover/
  12. Hi Folks, I m a guy mid 30s. I think I have a weird case... let me tell you. I can have acne from just about from anything that touches the face. Examples like .... Ear phone wires..... toothpicks, that somehow just touches the side of the mouth. When I got for a hair cut... the little hairs that dropped on my face can cause acne too. I just felt that any thing that touches my face can cause acne. Cold water even a drop of it. Funny isnt it.... The regiment helped me, i m in my 3rd week.
  13. Hello Experts, I got questions on Probiotics. Please help. I asked my brother to buy probiotics for me, and he ended up purchasing Solgar Acidophilus 40+ from the nutrition shop. If i m in my mid-30s..... can I take this 40+ ? Next Question is,.... what is the best time to consume Acidophilus... Before Meal or After Meal. Morning or Evening ? Thanks in advance.
  14. I am having a few things that I think is helping me deal with acne. 1. Doxycycline 100mg 2. Acidophilus Solgar 40+ 3. FyboGel (husks) 4. Cod Liver Oil When I started using FyboGel, Acne was tremendous, I tried to use emergency Doxycycline (no other choice) to try control it...but it went on for days. AFter reading about Candida, I suppose the Husks tried to Clear them. I went to purchase Acidophilus as the necessary probiotic. Since the reaction of Fybogel earlier on, I believe the main