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  1. Supposedly Milk of Magnesia does the trick...I'll find out soon enough...
  2. How long do you leave it on...and How often should I use it..once a day..every other day..??...
  3. ...I got one to pretty much go away...I have 2 on my chin, one that I popped this morning..and its starting to go away little by little. The other one, I just leave alone...and because it hurt sort of, I put some Abbreva on it..and that sort of helps out a little. Is there any way to PREVENT them???...I mean, I dont have bad acne or anything...I just get these things sometimes, and the look awful... :blinl:
  4. So Milk of Magnesia actually works?..aight then...lol I looked the stuff up...isnt it actually used as a laxative??..
  5. I'm gonna buy that...How much does it cost though??... I know my problem is oily skin, and excessive sebum (sp.?) production, that leads to clog pores..and eventually..You know what.. Hopefully that'll work...thanks.
  6. On my chin, and around my mouth...usually only 1-2 at a time, I get these lumps/bumps that seem like their underneath my skin...I can feel them at first, like hard lumps..but never see them for like another day or 2... Once and a while, they'll develop into a pimple..that I can pop, and it then fades away in 2-3 days..sometimes a little longer, but it usually always goes away. Then other times, it just seems like they sit under my skin for a week or longer..and never reach the surface of my s
  7. I wash my face with that 2 times a day...It doesnt dry my skin or anything, but it doesnt really Help pimples disapear either..
  8. ...I think I'll try not taking hot showers anymore....cold for a week, and we'll see what happens...
  9. I havnt tried either... What would be the price of the supplies for each though?...
  10. I know fried food, oily foods (chocalate, I heard) can obviously cause someones face to break out...so I've avoived eating any of that for a while... Now...I dont really have bad acne, it just bothers me when 1-3 pimples appear on my face overnight...But, one day, I went about a week with my face looking fine...I went fishing that weekend, and the sun really cleared it up a lot...so, about 3-4 days AFTER that...I ate some candy at work (No oil's or anything, i checked) but it had a lot of suga