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  1. I had great results (it cut my oil production down like 75%), but it only lasted for about a week. I'm curious as to why the effects would just wear off like that??
  2. I have a lot of those, and no it didn't really help with mine, but it cleared most of my blackheads, especially on my nose.
  3. try "O" Organic brand milk; apparently hormone free.
  4. Ok so I'm pretty much not getting pimples anymore. I guess I would attribute that to my [mostly] healthy diet. But I just can't seem to get my oily skin under control. I've always had super oily skin prone to blackheads and small bumps, and this hasn't changed. The ONLY two things that have ever worked for me are DIM & Accutane. The problem is that DIM only worked for a week or so, and Accutane messes with my mental state when I take it (even low doses like 10mg). Plus I can't take accuatan
  5. Here's a good article from Paula Begoun about this: http://www.cosmeticscop.com/learn/art.asp?ID=259
  6. alright. Well now I'm on PGX, we'll see how this goes..
  7. For those of you taking PGX or Glucomannan, how has it helped with your oil production?? Ty.
  8. How did the PGX help with your oil production??
  9. to tell u the truth my friends all eat junk food not 1 zit or acne
  10. Anyone still having success with DIM? It was working great for me, cut my oil production down a lot, then it came back.
  11. I'd like to know too. DIM was working great for me then just stopped all of a sudden.
  12. what the problem with milk anyway? Maybe try organic milk? (no growth hormones, etc).