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  1. hello my dearest.

  2. Ive suffered from moderate to bad acne for the last 10 years, and its been a depressing time. Everything i tried seemed to make no improvement. Until last month when i changed my regime. I really hope others will see similar results. I changed from having 1 shower a day when i wake up.. to 2. One when i wake up and one before i go to bed. In the morning i Moisturize with E45 cream that keeps you feeling fresh all day. After my evening shower I now use a product called Bio Oil. This product is
  3. well sildenafil lasts for 8 hours, so ill probably take it while i sleep.. but from what i understand viagra doesn't give you a boner unless your sexual aroused. If i see an improvement i might try taking a low dose during the day also. As im not looking for a boner i won't need the full amount.
  4. looks like its down to me to be the guinea pig for this one again as normal..
  5. i got a summary of the "tests" into the zeno " Results of the Zeno Trial Fifty-one patients were studied in the trial - 30 women and 21 men. Patients were required to have 2 similar pimples at the time of the trial. One pimple was treated with the Zeno device and the other pimple was treated with an identical device that did not deliver any heat. The median time it took for the pimple to resolve was 96.7 hours with the Zeno device and 151.8 hours with the placebo device. The median time it took
  6. i am really interested in this device.. can you tell me how it actually works. from the description it seems to fire electricity at the skin, which heats the spot up to 120 degrees (ouch) and that kills anything living inside the spot. It sounds insane?! maybe just insane enough work..
  7. The benefits of Viagra are now being realised for all sorts of health problems other than just impotence. Viagra increases blood flow to the extremities of the body. Which makes me think it would help people with skin problems, in particular dryskin. Does anyone know of any studies or reasearch into this? or maybe have tried it themselves?
  8. I suffered from a Tumour in my back, it grew inside the spine and part of my spinal cord has been damaged. Due to this damage i suffer from all sorts of strange nerve responses and general circulatory problems. Also due to this damage I now suffer from a very dry skin and scalp, which in turn is also causing mild acne. It is especially bad after showing and although cold showers are not as bad due to my circulatory problems not always possible. I know my problem is a very individual one, but I
  9. No.. that’s not what I said at all. I shall repeat what I said for the hard of reading like your self. I looked up your study, It had a sample of just 14 people (no control group was mentioned) and lasted only 20months. As studies go its pathetic.. a PHD student could do better. The effectiveness of blocking sebum production to prevent acne has everything to do with my topic, as I am wanting to know about reversing this process.. however I do not wish to discuss it further... with you
  10. actualy i was refering to this.. http://www.thepaleodiet.com/articles/Acne%20vulgaris.pdf which was referenced for one of hte reports..its a good read.
  11. yup I looked up the studies. One was looked at various different cultures around the world which did not have a problem with acne. All very interesting.. but didn't actually give many answers, apart from insulin may or may not be a causal factor. And the other one was an actual Clinical Trial. But .. a trial that consisted of just 14 people and lasted for just over a year and half. Sounds very representative and I don't know any doctor who would describe any positive medical condition that
  12. Its not plain English at all, it's a highly subtle use of language which has been designed to hide the real facts from the reader. Something is either 'permanent' meaning it lasts for ever or it isnt. By grouping the word together with "long term" they are suggesting that although it is not technically permanent, its something very close to that. Ergo ;- a typical lifespan of a young adult user 60years +. I very much doubt that these have been 60 year studies, so for them to say the success
  13. thanks ill take a look at them. so what you saying is that 95% successrate for permanent or long term remission, doesn’t actually mean permanent or long term. In which case these statisticians are already altering the truth before they've even started, god knows what they've done to the figures. and the fact that all users here aren’t on isotretinoin is exactly my point, if the drug really had a 95% successrate then what would be the point of using anything else?
  14. Again completely wrong Tretinoin creams like Retin-A contain Retinoic Acids (hence the name) Retinoic acids are apart of the makeup of vitamin A, and its the increased dosage of Vitamin A in the body that cause the sebaceous glands to decrease in size and sebum production. There seems to be alot confused people out there. This is basic stuff your doctors should be telling you before prescribing.
  15. Id be interested in any studies or statistical data you on have on this subject. If the figure of 95% success rate is true, then why IS there over 18000 members on this forum? why even have a forum whats to debate? why not just have a webpage with a big banner saying Got Acne? TAKE TRETINOIN.. END OF MESSAGE. somthings just not adding up.