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  1. I’m finally getting an indented scar (caused by a cortisone injection) filled in next week! Which type of filler do you think is best? TIA x
  2. Thank you. Would you recommend a subcision beforehand or just the filler? Also which filler would you suggest?
  3. I had some cortisone injections to treat cystic acne on my chin in March. We’re now in June (4 months later) and the indented scars are still there. How long did it take for your scars to fill in following your cortisone injections?
  4. I will increase my intake of Vitamin C and see if that works. I haven’t mentioned it to my doctor yet but will do at my next appointment.
  5. Hi BlueMaloney, I have atrophic scars in my skin following cortisone injections. I have read many articles and apparently they usually fill in naturally within 3 months. Mine still haven’t healed so I was wondering whether the Spironolactone that I’m taking is slowing down the healing process and whether there is anything I can do to speed things up?
  6. I had some cortisone injections in March which left atrophic scars or indentations on my chin. I’m currently taking Spironolactone and wondered if this could be slowing down the healing process? Is there anything I can do to speed up the healing process? Thank you x
  7. Over a month ago I had three cortisone injections to treat the cystic acne on my chin. A week later the area that was injected became indented. I have since tried a vitamin C serum (30%), niacinamide and retinoid, however none of these products have helped and there are still visible dents on my chin. Is there anything else I can do to smooth the area?