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    The Lil' Place Just Inside the Thames Estuary, UK
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    Writing...that's about it really....
  1. kitkat94

    Me, Myself & I

    The very rare photos of my actual self.
  2. Thanks for the encouragement! I'm not really interested in guys at the moment to be honest but thanks for your tips. Lol And you're right, I don't smile that often. But when I do, apparently its nice. So... KATE XOXOXO
  3. You seem like your having a bad time. ^^ Well, so am I. So, I thought I might leave you a message if you want to talk. ^^ I have exactly the same problems you do, its horrible isn't it? Please message me back! ^^

  4. Thanks guys, this is real supportive I really appreciate the replies. Thanks again KATE XOXOXO
  5. Hey! I haven't posted here before, so I'm kinda new. But heres a bit bout me. Im Kate, or Katherine. I am 14 and have had acne since I was age 10 (or round abouts) At first, my problem didn't bother me, I was like all the other kids. But now, 4 years later, it really IS bothering me. No matter what I do (im on medication) I cant seem to get rid of the spots. I've been reassured by people it will clear, but now, I don't see this bloody acne ever going away. It's not as bad as it once was, but.
  6. Hi This is my first post. Please read as its quite important. Like everyone here, i HAVE SPOTS, BUT MY SUPPOSED BEST MATE THOUGHT ME AND ANOTHER FRIEND-WHO ALSO HAS SPOTS- WERENT PRETTY. yEAH WE GOT SPOTS BUT it aint that bad, is it? To have spots I mean. I dunno what to do, its hit me hard, all my other mates r tellin me to break up wiv her. What should i DO?