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  1. Who is the girl in your avatar?

  2. so my face is a different color than my neck and rest of my body,this has been since i starded to get acne, ive read that antibiotics can do this which ive been on. Ive also been on accutane, but it was like this before i started that. my face is more red and its better on somedays than others, even when i havent been in the sun for weeks. i only get acne on my jawline and neck these days. My forehead is very bumpy n probably the most red of my face. i just want a whitish complexion,that resembl
  3. So i went out today and bought the Crystal Body Deodorant Stick and have just applied my first application of this stuff To to those who have been doing this already have you noticed any difference in oiliness? To Citychick, im using the same one as you, the one in the study, and i noticed you said its 98% sodium chloride and only traces of alum, did you just get this from the study? cos i looked on the site and the ingredients list on the back and it just says 'Natural mineral salts and Ammo
  4. Check my sig. shot but isnt the telling signs of seborrhoeic dermatitis flakiness. my foreheads more oily than it is dry..thnax anyways I take one serving a day, one serving is 5 ml as also stated on the bottle. 5 ml - teaspoon. 15 ml - tablespoon. I have also altered the first post accordingly. If ever in doubt, check on the bottle what a serving size is. As it can alter depending on the brand and type of oil you take etc. But if you take the ones I have listed it will be identi
  5. Hey, im also from SA. Do you have a Dischem near u? Ive found a Dischem Pharmacists Choice brand of cod liver oil, only about R16 for 100ml. but unfortunately it doesnt say how many IU of vit A and D its got. Im gonna be phoning them to ask. will post back if u interested
  6. Can someone explain these to methods?im not sure the difference I drink bout 4 cups of rooibos a day, just putting the teabag in a cup then pouring in boiling water and waiting about 20 min for it to cool down, what method is this? Thanks
  7. This seems promising, thanks for bringing it up citychick. My acne always looks better after Ive been in the sea, but right now its winter so im not going as often, so im sure this would help alot for everyday use. Can you just tell me what is the consistency of this stuff, like will it leave your face after it dries with a mat or a shiny look? And what does it smell like? Cause i don't wanna be walking around with my face smelling all strong and flowery. I agree with you there, right now im tr
  8. hey Romeo Thanks for your last reply.. After your reply to special im pretty confused, this whole time i thought you have to take 5ml(1tsp) of cod liver oil a day? Now i see you said one serving of cod liver oil is 15ml(1tbs).Which one is right? Maybe just a suggestion on your first post you could add the serving sizes for the oils,seems a lot of people have been asking bout it. Another question I have is my face over all has been doing a lot better,but my forehead remains very bumpy and redish
  9. cool im in durbs..

  10. Hi Romeo,just a few questions if u wouldn't mind answering.. Been on about half of this regimen a while now and already seeing some improvements, ive just now bought the rest of the stuff except the fish oil which is really expensive,like 3 times as much as the cod liver oil. - Would it be ok to substitute the fish oil in the morning with a teaspoon of cod liver oil? - Ive noticed the bottle of cod liver oil it doesn't say non emulsified,would this be a big deal? - Also the olive oil Ive bee
  11. Hey a fellow South African i see :) not many of us here it seems. Where bouts u from?

  12. I think its a lil weird. Unless you a swimmer, cyclist or porn star, shaving your legs will get people presuming u gay
  13. its true for me at least, but a slight raspy voice..girl in my profile pic, Zooey Deschanel, is a nice example of that voice.. As for perfect body, for me this perfection.. Allison Stokke But to be realistic id go for girls ranging from the petite to the voluptuous, as long as their assets fit and suit their body and everything is in proportion..and stick thin=no..obese=no.