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  1. It really is annoying - it's not like I'm putting BP or Differin on that area, either. Will try the Cetaphil... new derm appointment next Monday so maybe she can help me get everything "balanced."
  2. Lately I've noticed the skin right below my nose and around my mouth is really flaky and dry in the morning. It's kinda gross, I'll put my AM moisturizer on it, but it really doesn't do anything. The only way to make it disappear (at least for a few hours) is to put a heavy-duty moisturizer such as Curel and let it sit... otherwise I look like I have a gross dry skin mustache! Any suggestions to help get rid of the flakies? Exfoliating just pisses my skin off and makes it raw...
  3. Newbie here... I'll get occasional cysts, recently it seems I have a ton cropping up on my face, but sometime a really *huge* one will come along - you know, the kind you can feel growing. Yuck! Now, I know it's not 100% kosher, but I'll admit it - I've sometimes taken a sterilized needle to drain the cyst and then hydrocortisone ointment-ed the hell out of it. Sometimes it works, sometimes not-so-much... but to be honest, I think the worst damage it's caused is a small red mark that e
  4. I've switched between this (Panoxyl bar) and the Oxy-10 wash... 10% BP is the only stuff that actually has an affect on my back acne, but I found it helps to let it sit on your skin for a good minute or two before washing off. The bar seems to be easier to use than the cleanser, it sort of "sticks" better and doesn't slide off as easily in the shower.