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  1. Read all, I will truly help you. Ok, Dans regiment is all good stuff, I'm not sure how good his products are but his concept works. I've tried everything, researched everything, read every forum etc in a nutshell I know what I'm on about. I use Benzac AC 2.5% ($15 Aud) and for the cleaner I use Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser ($7 Aud), both products are made by Galderma. Benzac AC: Is Benzoyl Peroxide and Acrylate Copolymer (AC), AC hydrates the skin, what it does in this product is soak up the oi
  2. I was also thinking of adding 2.5% BP gel in there somewhere but I'm not sure where it will fit. And phototoxicity is of no concern as I only spend roughly 15 minutes a weekday in the sun. Also, should I continue using clindamycin?
  3. Just leave it alone, try spot treating it with a thick layer of BP, or try spot treat it with a Salicylic Acid solution or try applying a tea tree cream to the spot. Check out my last post, pretty interesting stuff, it might help you.
  4. READ CAREFULLY! Ok the ingredients I use in my regimen are: * Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Antiseptic Cream 50mg *Vitamin E moisturizer *Benzac AC 2.5% *Garnier Pure A Anti-imperfection Scrub wash (Salicylic Acid and Zinc with micro-scrubbing beads) *Retin-A 0.05% Morning: (M) *Wash face with a very slow deep massaging action in circular motions, work on face for about 60 seconds, then pat dry face. *Moisturize with Vitamin E moisturizer with only how much you need. Wait 4 minutes. *Apply a
  5. Retin-a does work to get rid of red marks, just think of it this way the retin-a is speeding up all the processes of your skin. If your acne isnt under control yet then retin-a will cause you to brake out more at the start which will also give you more red marks. Go and buy Benzac AC 2.5% gel, its good stuff not ordinary benzoyl peroxide "AC", do Dan's regiment with the benzac in the morning but dont use as much as he does, then at night use retin-a, cleanse with a Salicylic Acid facial wash ev
  6. BP screwed up my face too, went all dry and nasty flaking brown and cracked and shit but thats coz i used too much. Man pimples are a bitch i feel for you ive been struggling with it for the past 2 years and it went from a few pimples to pizza cheeks but now im finally getting them under control. Ill try my best to help you out. Remember; *how you use a product is as important as the active ingredients in the actual product. * treat your skin very gently always. *dont pick probe or anything. *
  7. Here is a direct link to a page that explains pretty much every different ingredient used in all sort of cosmetics. http://www.cosmeticscop.com/learn/cosmetic...=6&letter=A
  8. Morning * Wash face with Garnier Pure-A (Micro-scrubbing beads for stubborn imperfections) * Pat dry face then moisturise with, Heath Basics Aloa Vera Extra dry skin releif, wait 3 minutes apply BP Gel 2.5% on affected areas. Night * Wash face with Garnier Pure-A (Micro-scrubbing beads for stubborn imperfections) *Pat dry face, wait 7 minutes then moisturise with, Heath Basics Aloa Vera Extra dry skin releif *Wait 20 minutes apply Retin-A cream 0.025% one pea size for each cheek, one pea siz
  9. Use something that has vitamin E and also says extra dry skin releif.
  10. I read some where that its okay, to use BP during the day and retin-a at night, i know the BP is an oxidant and retin-a is an anti-oxidant which is why u cant use them at the same time, cancelation of one another. So has anyone tried doing this ruitine, is it good? anytips for using retin-a, ive been on it for like 4 weeks and my skin is getting good but theres this one area my cheek where i keep breaking out.
  11. BTW my derm said something really good I can do for my face is, go body boarding and wear zinc (sunblock) on your face. Zinc sunblocks are usually made of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide and along with sea water, u figure it out.
  12. they have chlorinated swimming pools and they have salted swimming pools, salt kills bacteria.
  13. The whole conspiracy about the cure not being known because big companies would go broke is total b*llsh*t. No cure in any disease has a 100% sucsess rate but still many of you consider it a cure, Accutane has a high sucsess rate, so there you go Accutane is the cure and the future cure will be similar to Accutane but with less or no side effects.
  14. A big yes, i moved from Australia which is a very dry country to Bali Indonesia which is a tropical Island and my Acne went from the random spot to full on moderate acne. warm humid climates are ideal for bacterial growth also all the sweating blocks pores.