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  1. Well, maybe it was just a stupid question :-) I've been home for a week, and I didnt wear any foundation. So it just occured to me that wearing foundation might slow down your healing process. But I might be wrong. I will continue wearing EM then, cus' I love it man ;) And then put more effort in my redmarks so I can get rid of them once and for all. :)
  2. Hello, I'm currently using some Everyday Minerals foundation, silk dust and some finishing powder. Just to cover my red marks. I would just like to know if mineral foundation/powder will make my red marks heal at a slower rate? I'm using ACV as toner, and emu oil together with my moist. So i'm doing what I can to make 'em heal. Any help is appreciated. EDIT: Im usually wearing my foundation about 4-6 hours (is that too long?). Not any longer normally. 3 PM-4 PM to 9 PM where I cleanse.
  3. Greetings , I'm currently on the Paleo diet/Low carb diet and it's working wonders. Fish, lean meat, vegetables and fruit is all I eat. But I would like some suggestions on which supplements to take with this diet. Currently im taking: Vitamin A B Complex Chromium 40 mg Zinc (might go up to 50mg or 60mg?) Omega-3 Fish Oil Saw palmetto Vitamin D Calcium I'm thinking about adding: Vitamin C (i'm probably not getting enough through fruits and stuff) I got some taurine 850mg, should I start ta
  4. Hello, I got kinda of a problem. I've been taking some Vitamin B5. Not 20 pills a day. I've been taking 10 pills a day. 2 weeks later I started loosing my eyebrows and a little hair. I saw others had this problem aswell, and some of em cant get rid of it. So I kinda freaked out right now Paleo Diet got rid of my Acne, and i'm stopped taking B5 again. I read somewhere that i've lost alot of calcium or something by taking Vitamin B5. What do I need to do to get my hair in normal condition ag
  5. Hey I'm currently using Dan's BP Gel for spot treatment. Im 95% clear, only got redmarks and some minor scars left. Im on the paleo diet aswell (that made me clear). And i'm not getting more spots at all anymore. Think i'm grown out of acne actually. So i'm looking for a treatment that also takes care of redmarks. I were thinking about NuCelle 10% serum since it also heals redmarks. Thought about using that at morning and then some BP at night for occasional spots. Or should I go for some A
  6. So your saying that Bare Escentuals will destroy your face over time? Oh wow.. What about Lily Lolo, do they contain Bismuth? And exactly how good is that Physicians Formula loose powder?
  7. Good supplements and a nice diet is always a good choice. That worked wonders for me atleast But I would say that everything you did contributed to your clear skin.
  8. Since milk can make acne worse, why would you want to drink that?
  9. Somethign between lean and mean and medium build. I'm skinny, and thats NOT COOL.
  10. Well, if you got dry skin, Jojoba is nice. Do you use any kind of treatment? BP gel? AHA? Anything? If so, you should do it like this: 1. Cleanse 2. Jojoba Oil 3. Treatment 4. Moist If not, then mix Jojoba with moist or apply it before the moist.
  11. Et start kit er da fint Så kan du selv vælge hvilke ting du bedst kan lide. Fugtighedscremen kan du evt. skifte ud med noget hjemme fra danmark af, da den ikke er ligeså god som sæben og BP geleén. Der går som regelt 7 dage før det kommer, har jeg ihvertfald erfaret Det er dét bedste man kan få mod acne, det er helt sikkert.
  12. The Eucerin Urea 5% works wonders for dry skin. I had some problems while using BP but with Jojoba and Eucerin those were gone 2-3 days later. + theres no oils or anything that clog pores in it. And i'm looking forward to try B5, since most people with mild/moderate acne says its great. But it'll only work for 1,5 years or so, since its a anti-androgen. Not sure about that though.
  13. This is grabbed directly from the "Dietary Cure for Acne" wrote by Loren Cordain (Paleo Diet) Acceptable Shellfish: Abalone, clams, crab, crayfish, lobster, mussels, oysters, scallops, shrimp, whelk or any other commercially available or fresh caught crustacean or mollusk.
  14. Im on the Paleo Diet. Regime: Dan's Cleanser BP gel morning and night AHA for spot treatment (not anymore though) Eucerin Urea 5% Relief creme together with some Jojoba Oil Dermalogica Intensive Moisture at day Supplments: A, B complex, D, fish oil, Zinc, CDG, Taurine, Saw Palmetto and soon starting B5. DIM didnt work for me though, im going with B5 for a year or so, so im completely rid of acne. The Paleo Diet worked best for me though.