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  1. IF ANYONE READING THIS HAS HEAVILY DIET INFLUENCED ACNE, you should try using dim ive gone from having acne between mild and cystic, to being almost acne free, all from just taking one dim (100mg of dim) tablet a day. i used to break out from the sugar in apples, but now ive eaten gummy bears and chocolate covered coffee beans, and no new spots besides one or two itty bitty little whiteheads. heres to hoping it continues
  2. id love to put cleared dramatically but ive only been on it since the thursday before last.
  3. your taking the natures way DIM thats labeled 25mg of DIM per serving right? http://www.vitacost.com/Natures-Way-DIM-Pl...la-120-Capsules like these? because if you are, you need to double check the nutritional fact sheet on the back, the 25 miligrams is per TWO pills, not just one. so 9 is 100 or so milligrams at 12.5 each.
  4. woah woah woah man, are you about to jump from taking roughly 90 miligrams of DM to 300? id just stick it out longer with a dosage near 100mg (one source naturals a day). so far its working great for me :)
  5. i think its helped a bit with my oil, but by and large, no. what it is doing is, as far as i can tell, severely reducing my acne. over a weekend after taking dim, a cyst on my lower cheek came and went. ive smoked pot and ate the gnarlyest griesiest foods i could get my hands on, and ive had maybe 3 itty bitty little whiteheads. i have what i would call dietary acne tho, so that might make a difference.
  6. log so far: thursday, had a cyst coming in, hard, lower cheek near jawline, so i began taking dim once a day and stopped taking my fish oil (to make sure it wasnt a combo effect) saturday, smoked merijuana HEAVILY (2 blunts, a joint or two and some bong justice among a few friends), took a wandering journey to whole foods and scored an awesome turkey/bacon/fresh spinach leaves/all sorts of awesome stuff sandwitch , in addition to eating roughly two greasy and delicious burritos that day. misse
  7. im taking dim because im sick and tired of being overly sugar sensitive. blackberries, some of the lowest sugar count fruit you can possibly acquire, has enough sugar in them to cause cysts to form on my skin. i can do whatever i want, i can smoke, not shower, you name it, and as along as i take my omega 3 fish oil capsules, i get nothing. i touch the smallest bit of sugar, and BAM, acne central. ps. so far dim is going great, i think
  8. ok, its midnight and i just made a sandwitch and took a source naturals dim tablet (100mg dim), lets see how this goes
  9. for me, without of a shadow of a doubt it does. when i masturbate exessively, my skin begins to produce excessive amounts of clear inflaminatory fluid.