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  1. They also have a different relationship to light, due to civilization. The also have a different social structure. They also experience a different allopathic load. So, diet may have little or nothing to do with the original longevity of the Okinawans, it's just the latest fad of Americans obsessed with health, with no more gold standard proof (randomized, controlled, interventional trials) than the old "chew each bite 32 times!" fad that some Americans used to believe in. The healthiest t
  2. I've made it out pretty clear with colostrum, but I suspect that there still exist nutritional deficiencies within me. So, for those of you who have been tested, where did you go? How much did it cost? What were the results? Thanks - RonP
  3. These are all post-hoc. Take it mind that if someone is on these boards, he/she most likely has acne, and is committed to fixing it. That, in and of itself, can cause someone to be anxious or depressed. Take in mind that everything in terms of food allergies can be boiled down to one cause: leaky gut. How one "heals" the gut differs from person to person. For you, HCL seems to work. For others, colostrum. For others, ACV. All make digestion more functional and foods less prone to elicit allergi
  4. I've seen results, and personally rank colostrum above everything you've listed in your regimen. Oh, and I had IB.
  5. To everyone: Go on an anti-candida diet and limit your carbs. Also - take MSM! It's incredibly cheap, and you'll see a decrease in acne within a week. It is complementing colostrum amazingly well.
  6. I'm just about clear, but can't give all the credit to colostrum. The diet helped, but what helped even more was the addition of MSM. I added Glutamine only to find that it broke me out. As I searched for other leaky gut treatments, MSM seemed to be the best, and it's proven to be. I've had considerable clearing since taking it (week ago), and can tentatively say this is it. By the way, I'm taking the standard dosage for leaky gut, which is 8-10 grams / day of MSM, along with 6 - 8 grams / day o
  7. Thats great to hear you break outs are calming down :dance: How many grams of Colostrum do you take a day? I am also at two months (on feb. 2). I have terrible breakouts still on my chin, nose and mouth mostly consisting of white zits. Also, some cysts on eyebrow areas. I definetly have more breakouts now than before Colostrum usage. I went from mild to moderate-severe acne. I am taking 6 grams a day of Colostrum. I may continue that dosage for one more month. I will still be using Colostrum
  8. Same. I added Glutamine and started to break out. I have no clue why, dosage? JayQ - you've gotta watch your diet. Your purely wasting time/money on colostrum if your eating habits are canceling everything out. Read up - you've got to kill the candida to cure the leaky gut, and with the processed/sugar-heavy foods, candida thrives.
  9. You have spikes in hormones during adolescence, and fluctuations throughout your life. You balance your hormones via diet, and if the processing of your foods makes it such that a diet will also result in + hormones, then you fix the processor, the leaky gut.
  10. JayQ - All acne is hormonal. What causes the spike in hormones is thought to be Candida/Leaky Gut. Venam - Let me know how the 10 grams of L-Glutamine works. I was hesitant to buy only because a few people (via google search) seemed to break out from large doses (5+ grams). Of course, this stuff is naturally occurring, so it's hard to believe it would aggravate much of anything. But anyways, keep us updated.
  11. With your history, I honestly would be surprised if this didn't get you clear. To clear skin - RP
  12. How much are you taking, and for how long? How's your diet been? If you've just gone anti-candida, then it could be die-off via colostrum combined with the diet. Otherwise, breakouts could be due to IGF-1, but this would have been consistent throughout your taking of colostrum. I'm thinking along the lines of die-off, not sure though. You seem to have the same history of results as me, and leaky gut is honestly the only target. If colostrum doesn't sit well with you, for one reason or the other,
  13. Do you know if I would have to keep taking glutamine, MSM, and colostrum? Thanks. Well in theory, once the 'gut' is healed, you would only need to take these supplements if you were to disturb it via a very poor, insulin-heavy diet, which brought about the leaky gut in the first place. So, as long as you watch what you eat and limit carbs, you should be fine without these supplements after the gut's healed.
  14. Yes - I would also consider MSM, too. After you heal your gut you wont have to take supplements like taurine/zinc , as they are deficient due to the leaky gut itself.