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  1. i read your post about hard water, iv ben thinking that might be my probleme to! thank you. i thought i was the only one.

  2. I agree, the GOW mandelic is great! I ordered a 5ml sample and at the end of the little bottle, I was totally sold. It seems to be helping my acne more than the tretinoin gel that I've been using for over a year now. The sample I ordered is GOW's mandelic 10% marine serum. The listed ingredients are: distilled water, rooibos extract, seaweed extract, mandelic acid, lactic acid, L-lysine, sodium PCA, panthenol b-5, sodium lactate, optiphen, propylene glycol. I want to order a full size ma
  3. I was wondering the same thing about needling. I've been on Tretinoin gel (generic Retin A) for one year this month and have had little to no luck improving my pore size and scarring. I do think that it has helped to slow the progress of other pores enlarging further...but theres really no way to be 100% sure. I'd say use it for preventative measure, it can't hurt, but for improving the appearance of large/scarred pores? Nah. I refuse to do any lasers or peels because I think they do more harm
  4. Could this possibly help improve scarred pores?
  5. That is very interesting. Tazorac is supposed to have the opposite effect on pores.
  6. You may want to look into intradermal botox for your pores. It's a fairly new procedure that is said to contract the tiny muscles around the pores. The result is smaller pores. It makes sense but I can't find any before/after pictures or a price. Seems to me that contracting the opening of the pores would be more effective than the other options currently available.
  7. I'm really sorry that you're going through all this worry! I would think that the superficial skin should be well on its way to recovery within 7-10 days post needling. I'm no expert though so don't put too much weight into that. What did you do for aftercare? Are the marks red or brownish red? What does your derm say about this?? Sorry for all the questions...maybe it would help if you post some pictures of the marks. Sometimes it just takes certain people longer to heal and that could certainl
  8. Ok, I just wanted to say I didnt mean to be so blunt with my last message, I just wanted to make it clear you are very attractive!

  9. you are very hot, I wish i could have sex with you right now and release some stress. I think a pretty girl with acne is hot! I like to spread your legs wide open and thrust you are laying down and I am standing up! but yeah, the best solution for scarred and large pores is regular facials. Chemical peels only make them worse. But a oatmeal mask or mud mask as their great at sucking out th

  10. I haven't even found anything that effectively covers small holes. I've tried just about every makeup primer you can name. I've heard others mention something about how they spackle their face with makeup...I have no idea what they're talking about though. Maybe they use a really thick foundation. Wish I could be more help but I just haven't found anything yet. If you're going to use a primer I'd suggest saving some money and buying Monistat chafing relief powder-gel. It works just as well as th
  11. How are your enlarged pores looking now that some time has passed? Do you still see improvement? Needling sounds scary but I'm intrigued...
  12. I'm happy you found a solution that works for you. Truly. Am I the only woman who finds this thread to be slightly nauseating to read through though? Ugh...
  13. Thanks =) I have a couple pictures in my gallery. I'm wearing primer and makeup in them, believe it or not. Many of my pores are so stretched they look like small acne scars.
  14. Why do you apply Tretinoin 2-3 times a day?? Maybe your skin is trying to compensate for dryness caused by the Tretinoin and so it's producing more oil?
  15. Day 17 on Tretinoin gel: I'm definitely still purging. My face is not looking very cute and it feels dry and course. I have a nasty combination of rough/flakey skin, 4 active pimples, lots of whiteheads and blackheads from all the gunk pushing it's way to the surface of my skin, and about 12 pigmentation marks leftover from IB pimples. Also, it seems like my face is really blotchy and red right now. I've only had one painful pimple so far. That one was on my chin and it went away pretty quick