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  1. i really have no more pimples on my face its just the very annoying red spots everywhere from pimples...idk how to even start getting rid of it, so if anyone knows a good way to get rid of red spots plz help me out thnx
  2. so i've been on accutane for about 3 months and my health insurance got messed up so i wasnt able to get another prescription for more so it seemed to work but now i have all red spots where my acne was, and that's the only thing i need to get rid of is the redness if someone can help let me know how to get rid of this redness that would be awesome thnx
  3. my derm said thats what caused my acne so what i started doing was using no more than a two-blade razor and make sure you wash your face with warm water before you shave so the hairs can be cut easier, also splash cold water on your face right after you shave then apply some moisturizer or aftershave. Dont shave too hard, hold the razor lightly, and try not to cut through any pimples
  4. -will have breakouts for awhile but thats just the tane clearing out everything from within. -you'll get very dry (lips, eyes, skin), also you may get some eczema on your arms and back of hands. -will start to feel very tired throughout the day. for the dryness of the skin i would suggest buying eucerin redness relief (the night cream and day cream) and for the dry lips and eczema get aquaphor by eucerin, works great
  5. i used to get those a lot, but started to slow down after i stopped shaving there to get rid of a unibrow
  6. yeah i had a feeling it was just part of the process, thnx a lot
  7. so for the first month i was on 30mg twice a day and moved up to 40mg twice a day after the first month. Im getting a little frustrated with whats goin on cuz my acne keeps fluctuating, like it'll look better one week, then the next horrible. I've never had acne on my forehead and now i have about 5 red spots about to turn into whiteheads. Now is this a normal part of the treatment? thnx
  8. well i never had a problem with acne on my forehead and i asked my derm why that was and her explanation was because my acne was caused by shaving (my acne is just on my jawline and cheeks) and my skin is very sensitive so it's difficult
  9. thanks a lot buddy gonna go out and try the cetaphil already have a good lip moisturizer cuz i heard its so important you get that
  10. Im finally doing it, if anyone has been through it or currently is i would like to know how to plan for it. I know im going to need a very good moisturizer, so if anyone knows of a really good one please let me know. Also, if anyone knows of a great sensitive cleanser please let me know thnx
  11. when i started getting lots of acne on my jawline i cut back a lot on eating and drinking any dairy products, and within about a week i saw a pretty good improvement
  12. yeah you're probably right, i'll see what my derm says about it at my next appointment which is this thursday. thnx
  13. So for about 3 months now i've been on doxycycline 120mg once a day, clindamycin topical at night and sulfacetamide phosphate topical during the day. I also wash my face with cetaphil morning and night. I haven't been real happy with what my derm has me doing now. I have real sensitive skin but about a month ago i was tired of the clindamycin being so oily on my skin for some reason and my derm put me on a stronger clindamycin and it started to dry out my skin . If anyone can give me some advi
  14. how bad was your acne? because lots of people can't handle all the alcohol and acidic stuff in those products
  15. don't use more than a double-blade razor use a sensitive shaving cream do not shave over pimples, be very careful splash face with cold water after apply aftershave