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  1. I did use alcohol wipes on the area but I did not hold the pick down. I just stabbed it and pulled away. Ive read that this has happend to others who didn't hold it so I will try again next time. But since this cross didn't do much, how long should I wait until try it again?
  2. I bought a kit from perfectcomplexion.com. It was the tca cross kits and i applied it about ten minutes ago. I probably did about five or six scars, but the solution didn't burn at all. I didn't feel anything different then if I would have just poked the scars with nothing on the toothpick. I did see small white spots where I touched down on the scar. A few scars stayed red and others looked no different. Am I gonna see scabs the next day or no? I thought this stuff was supposed to be strong...h
  3. Ya well i think i am going to try the cross on one or two scars and see how bad they get. If it doesn't bug me a ton, then i think ill just do the rest. So im hoping for the best!
  4. I have 4 to 5 pretty bad scars on my face from previous acne. I was planning on doing tca cross during winter break but im going to have to get it done later. Should I try it when I go back to school and just deal with the down time? or will the down time be bad enough that I should just wait until this summer before college?
  5. How did the doctor remove it? was there a chance of getting a scar?
  6. i have scar lines on both sides of my face. I was attacked by a relative's pet rabbit when i was just a baby. I cornered the darn thing and I guess it didn't like that lol. But I think I will try Tca cross on them considering they are not to wide.
  7. yes tca cross works on those scars. Im fact it is supposed to work better on those types. Results vary from person to person. I will be performing tca cross in a week but on different types.
  8. I can relate! i have a cyst on my right eye brow about 8 months. I can just barely notice it but i just leave it be. im hoping it will leave with more time?
  9. I was curious if the TCA Peel Store by Julie Robins Inc on ebay is a real supplier of true 100% tca cross. Has anyone ordered from her? If she is not a good supplier than where else can i get the tca cross??
  10. well i found a light cleanser i think i am going to buy called cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. I was wondering if people would still recomend me to use acne.org moisturiser or another good moisturizer that doesn't make my skin look and feel greasy.
  11. Okay so I was suffering from severe acne last year that seemed to come from nowhere, but I am now convinced that it came from irritation of my skin. My skin gets very dry(even when washing with water) and causes me to break out. I would then use products for acne that would dry my skin and though i would use moisturizer, it was hard on my skin and it just got worse. Finally after i had enough the doctor prescribed accutane and ive been off for almost 5 months and only have a small few zits at a
  12. So i am on my fifth and last month of accutane and still have 2 good sized cysts around my eyebrows. Why haven't these gone away?! Ive left them alone through my course and just now have recently been using a face scrub on just the zits. They are not getting bigger but I am afraid that after the accutanes out of my system they will come back. Can I ge some advice please?
  13. You need to wait 6 months after to do anything big with you scar treatments. Theres no need to do more damage just because you tried treating you scars on accutane. Im going to use chemical peels for my scars (which are mostly icepick and some box). Ive read that a dermaroller does pretty well for rolling scars. Good luck.
  14. So i went to the doctors today and he said that this would be my last month. I still have about 3 deep zits that you cant even see right above my eyebrows. So im thinking that I still needed to come in and go longer but he insisted that 20 weeks was the right time and if i went longer it wouldn't help anyways. So my question is should i have kept going with my prescription or take my doctors advice??
  15. The sun in my experience is bad on making those acne spots lost a lot longer. It may look good with the tan but afterwards your left with the worse redmarks. The sun doesn't really do anything with my actual acne, but if its hot enough that i sweat then i will breakout.
  16. Ive read that they did studies on vitamin e and it showed that it didn't really do anything for scars or that it acutally made scar indentions worse...but if its just spots then it could do you well.
  17. So i've been using vitamin e for about a week in a half...so its hard to see if anythings working. Id like to think that it is helping fade my scars but its hard to tell. I know that it can take six months to see results(I got six months since im about off accutane), so i was wondering what kind of results people here got on vitamin e? Also how long were you on it??
  18. So i got in a fourwheeler wreck and scared my body up pretty well (which i don't care because they looked pretty bad ass ) but somehow i ended up with a scratch on my face that didn't indent but turned red. This wreck was about a year ago and it is still just as red...so i dont think it is going to fade. Would I be able to use a low TCA peel for the redness or what?? Please help me out.
  19. I am almost in my forth month of accutane, and im convinced the accutane has left me the scars. I look at my chin in the right light and i just see ugly scars that make my skin look wavy. Ive never came this close to just giving up...it feels hopeless. Now i have to wait six months after my treatment to "try" and improve them. I don't even know really where to start, what treatments have you guys had success with? Would TCA cross help me out alot?? Please give me some tips
  20. So how long after accutance can i start to use tca peels and dermarollers?
  21. I had a cyst on my right cheek that left my skin with a pitted red scar. It is still red and the scar has healed and filled tremendously so i cant really complain. But it seems that the middle is filling out to the right level, but the edges of the scar are more pitted. So if anyone has any experience with this i was wondering if it all level out or will i have a pitted outline of what was a zit? Also does picking/touching a healing scar make it worse?? THNX