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  1. hello, my lovely. i haven't been on here for ages either - partly because my skin got so much better and also i just couldn't find the time. i've hada pretty bad breakout in the last couple of weeks though, so am thinking of getting on dianette. is accutane workiong for you? if the pill doesn't sort me, i'll definitely consider it. x

  2. hey! haven't been on here in a loooong time! i just started accutane and so far so good. I love the beach!!! the move has been great for me and i'll be a nurse sson enough...yay!!

  3. it's been great!! I love my roomies and have been making friends pretty easily so that's always a plus! how's life treating ya? btw...i'm almost clear!! Try AHA enhanced lotion

  4. woop woop! living by the beach = fab. has the move been successful? x

  5. hey hey, that's awesome about the yoga! I love it too:) I've been great too...i'm moving this week to a beach town and have an amazing condo! take care and talk to you soon

  6. how's the moving going girl? i'm really getting into yoga at the moment. it's going reslly well for me, and i have the opportunity to train as a teacher next year! xxx

  7. aw i'm sorry to hear that, that sucks!! i'm sure you are sill beautiful tho. I've been pretty good...in the midst of moving which is kinda crazy but it's all good:)

  8. summers going good so far, cept this heat is insane! Its like a sauna outside.. how's yours going?

  9. not too great thanks, chick. i suffered an extreme allergic reaction over a week ago, and i still have loads of aggravated reactionary pimples on one cheek. feeling ugly... how about you? x

  10. hey hey, how's summer treatin ya?

  11. ever tried the pur makeup line...it works wonders and doesn't break me out:)
  12. hey hey...how's it goin?

  13. My list would be... 1)Graduate from nursing school 2)Become a travel nurse 3)Travel to other countries to help others in need 4)Be able to move anywhere i want and not become lonely 5)Meet that special someone that I couldn't imagine life without 6)Take some time for myself and travel with friends and see the world 7)Work with aminals that are neglected and find good homes for them 8)Make a music video 9)look so damn good that everyone in the room lets out a slight gasp
  14. ever tried AHA? research on it on here...it works great for whiteheads!
  15. Just started using this and it's amazing!!! give it a try...i just use a gentle clenser and the lotion 2x a day and my face...it's the best i think it's ever been!