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  1. hi dude what about you?

  2. Hey hope u can find something for ur scars, just be careful you dont jump into something that could make them worse...do lots of research!!!


  3. Thank you all for the great advice! JIMMYH - My little guys are 6 and 4 LEO - thanks for the belated Happy Fathers Day! hehe.. and thanks for that PM. I think im now facing in a good direction with this. I'm still open to any advice, suggestions or whatevers with this. I just took a look at that picture, and not only are my scars bad, look at that hair.... I was actually thinking of growing it out to kinda hide a little bit of this scarring.. but I got sick of that really quick. cut
  4. speaking of fats, look into a little flax meal/oil with your oats and shakes. One of the best sources of "good fats" you can get .. imo
  5. Im definately with you on that one Geordie! I had the same kind of cystic acne. Unfortunately, I was unable to go on accutane, as suggested by friends and doctors, until it was too late. Now, I am left with the battle field on my face... as far as relationships go, I haven't really been with anyone since my ex.... i've mostly focused on my kids. It's definately tough for me, forming new friendships/relationships. I'll still flirt when I get the chance, but it never escalates to mo
  6. Hello everyone! Im going to start some kind of therapy on my scars asap. I have quite a few ice pick and rolling scars. Basically im asking for advice from all of you who have already begun scar treatment. With the type of scaring I have, what would be the recommended first step? I've read on up subscision and needling, also taking a look at the TCA cross threads. I'm just not sure which way to go with this. has anyone else had similar scaring? thanks in advance Gallery Pics -
  7. CoStorm

    Tis my scars

    Progress (hopefully) of my scar treatments
  8. ManicDrepession, just have a few questions. I'm about to try that vinegar method myself. Can you tell me a little bit about the process you are doing? Are you filling the sink with vinegar and warm/hot water and just rinsing over and over? any input you have would be greatly appreciated. -CoStorm